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Release Date: 1996-04-19 (25 years ago)
Max von Sydow
Knut Hamsun
Max von Sydow was:
Ghita Nørby
Marie Hamsun
Ghita Nørby was:
Anette Hoff
Ellinor Hamsun
Anette Hoff was:
Jesper Christensen
Otto Dietrich
Jesper Christensen was:
Edgar Selge
Edgar Selge was:
Ernst Jacobi
Adolf Hitler
Ernst Jacobi was:
Bjørnar Teigen
Young soldier
Bjørnar Teigen was:
Åsa Söderling
Åsa Söderling was:
Finn Schou
Finn Schou was:
Per Jansen
Per Jansen was:
Sverre Anker Ousdal
Sverre Anker Ousdal was:
Eva von Hanno
Eva von Hanno was:
Erik Hivju
Erik Hivju was:
Eindride Eidsvold
Eindride Eidsvold was:
Jørgen Langhelle
Jørgen Langhelle was:
Gard B. Eidsvold
Gard B. Eidsvold was:
Rut Tellefsen
Rut Tellefsen was:
Håkon Rosseland
Håkon Rosseland was:
Johannes Joner
Johannes Joner was:
Svein Erik Brodal
Svein Erik Brodal was:
Jon Erling Wevling
Jon Erling Wevling was:
Liv Steen
Liv Steen was:
Silje Carine Kikut Moen
Silje Carine Kikut Moen was:
Frode Rasmussen
Frode Rasmussen was:
Bjørg Vatle
Bjørg Vatle was:
Erik Kronstad
Erik Kronstad was:
Per Christensen
Per Christensen was:
Harald Brenna
Harald Brenna was:
Berto Marklund
Berto Marklund was:
Peter Schreck
Peter Schreck was:
Barbara Johanson
Barbara Johanson was:
Edvind Haugan
Edvind Haugan was:
Gro Solemdal
Gro Solemdal was:
Veslemøy Haslund
Veslemøy Haslund was:
Michael Christensen
Michael Christensen was:
Trond Høvik
Trond Høvik was:
Frank Rudi
Frank Rudi was:
Svein Gundersen
Svein Gundersen was:
Peter Cyrus
Peter Cyrus was:
Nina Englund
Nina Englund was:
Karen Høie
Karen Høie was:
Lisette Berg Kilden
Lisette Berg Kilden was:
Greta Espenes
Greta Espenes was:
Rasmus Lange
Rasmus Lange was:
Pål Petter Brantzæg
Pål Petter Brantzæg was:
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