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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in



Release Date: 1983-10-31 (38 years ago)
Allan Olsen
Hardy Bunken
Allan Olsen was:
Ole Meyer
Bertel Jørgensen
Ole Meyer was:
Sanne Salomonsen
Sanne Salomonsen was:
Frank Visti
Frank Visti was:
Baard Owe
Ob. Bennedsen
Baard Owe was:
Lisbet Dahl
Lisbet Dahl was:
Thomas Eje
Thomas Eje was:
Ole Thestrup
Ole Thestrup was:
Mogens Rodian
Mogens Rodian was:
Esper Hagen
Esper Hagen was:
Mette Munk Plum
Mette Munk Plum was:
Astrid Saalbach
Astrid Saalbach was:
Arne Skovhus
Arne Skovhus was:
Frits Helmuth
Frits Helmuth was:
Dick Kaysø
Dick Kaysø was:
Jesper Christensen
Jesper Christensen was:
Stig Hoffmeyer
Stig Hoffmeyer was:
Ingolf David
Ingolf David was:
Lone Kellerman
Lone Kellerman was:
Lene Tiemroth
Lene Tiemroth was:
Claus Nissen
Claus Nissen was:
Ib Mossin
Ib Mossin was:
Søren Strømberg
Søren Strømberg was:
Tove Wisborg
Tove Wisborg was:
Finn Nielsen
Finn Nielsen was:
Finn Arvé
Finn Arvé was:
Bendt Hildebrandt
Bendt Hildebrandt was:
Hans Chr. Ægidius
Hans Chr. Ægidius was:
Niels Hausgaard
Niels Hausgaard was:
Holger Vistisen
Holger Vistisen was:
Viggo Bentzon
Viggo Bentzon was:
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