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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Carl, My Childhood Symphony

Carl, My Childhood Symphony

Release Date: 1994-02-04 (27 years ago)
Morten Gundel
Carl 1
Morten Gundel was:
Anders Forchhammer
Carl 2
Anders Forchhammer was:
Nikolaj Lie Kaas
Carl 3
Nikolaj Lie Kaas was:
Stina Ekblad
Kirstine (Mother)
Stina Ekblad was:
Jesper Milsted
Niels (Father)
Jesper Milsted was:
Leif Sylvester
Blind Anders
Leif Sylvester was:
Frits Helmuth
Frits Helmuth was:
Jesper Christensen
Jesper Christensen was:
Anna Eklund
Anna Eklund was:
Torben Zeller
Torben Zeller was:
Waage Sandø
Waage Sandø was:
Morten Staugaard
Jens Søby
Morten Staugaard was:
Signe Birkbøll
Søby's Girl
Signe Birkbøll was:
Michael Lindvad
Michael Lindvad was:
Sandra Friis
Anne Sofie
Sandra Friis was:
Steven Pedersen
Sigfred I
Steven Pedersen was:
Søren Hytholm Jensen
Sigfred 2
Søren Hytholm Jensen was:
Laura Christensen
Little Girl
Laura Christensen was:
Daniel Flösser
Albert 1
Daniel Flösser was:
Peter Hoffmeyer
Albert 2
Peter Hoffmeyer was:
René Hansen
Albert 3
René Hansen was:
Marie Ingerslev
Marie Ingerslev was:
Christina Christiansen
Marie 1
Christina Christiansen was:
Anne Voigt Christiansen
Marie 2
Anne Voigt Christiansen was:
Tom Thogersen
Tom Thogersen was:
Thomas Kim Hoder
Klaus Berentsen
Thomas Kim Hoder was:
Helene Egelund
Helene Egelund was:
Henrik Miachael Petersen
Tromme Christian
Henrik Miachael Petersen was:
Per Espersen
Per Espersen was:
Christine Ulrich
Christine Ulrich was:
Folmer Rubæk
Folmer Rubæk was:
Rebecca Hejlsø
Rebecca Hejlsø was:
Emilie Henriksen
Emilie Henriksen was:
Pernille Frøkjær
Pernille Frøkjær was:
Rebecca Flösser
Rebecca Flösser was:
Casper Madsen
Casper Madsen was:
Laila Cour
Laila Cour was:
Birgit Henriksen
Birgit Henriksen was:
Niels Kongsgaard
Niels Kongsgaard was:
Maria Olsen
Maria Olsen was:
Elsa Mortensen
Elsa Mortensen was:
Steen Svare
Steen Svare was:
Per Morberg
Per Morberg was:
Lars Lippert
Lars Lippert was:
Peter Kongsbach
Peter Kongsbach was:
Anders Guldagger
Anders Guldagger was:
Christian Grønvall
Christian Grønvall was:
Jens Brückner
Jens Brückner was:
Jan Rasmussen
Jan Rasmussen was:
Amanda Norsker
Amanda Norsker was:
Emilie Norsker
Emilie Norsker was:
Thorkild Weiss Madsen
Thorkild Weiss Madsen was:
Marianne Knorr
Marianne Knorr was:
Michael Brostrup
Michael Brostrup was:
Jørgen Ole Børch
Jørgen Ole Børch was:
Susanne Højsting
Susanne Højsting was:
Gerhard Rubæk
Gerhard Rubæk was:
Palle Hviid Nielsen
Palle Hviid Nielsen was:
Preben Friis
Preben Friis was:
Gitte Jensen
Gitte Jensen was:
Jørgen Fisker
Jørgen Fisker was:
Lars Guldberg Bang
Lars Guldberg Bang was:
Sophie Engberg
Sophie Engberg was:
Karl Bille
Karl Bille was:
Joachim Knop
Joachim Knop was:
Bent Carl Jacobsen
Bent Carl Jacobsen was:
Søren Arli
Søren Arli was:
Benny Lambæk
Benny Lambæk was:
Alice Brodersen
Alice Brodersen was:
Arne Olsen
Arne Olsen was:
Werner Jørgensen
Werner Jørgensen was:
Thomas Hedemann
Thomas Hedemann was:
Egon Stick
Egon Stick was:
Thomas Bruhn
Thomas Bruhn was:
Tommy Ringvad
Tommy Ringvad was:
Just was:
Dan Hasselager
Dan Hasselager was:
Flemming Pedersen
Flemming Pedersen was:
Ole Simonsen
Ole Simonsen was:
Ole Bille Johansen
Ole Bille Johansen was:
Mikael Sørensen
Mikael Sørensen was:
John Rich-Kaiser
John Rich-Kaiser was:
Carl Henrik Welling
Carl Henrik Welling was:
Stig Deuleran
Stig Deuleran was:
Bo Jensen
Bo Jensen was:
Gunner Gjesing
Gunner Gjesing was:
Finn Christiansen
Finn Christiansen was:
Søren Kristiansen
Søren Kristiansen was:
Lars Nielsen
Lars Nielsen was:
Schou Christensen
Schou Christensen was:
Mogens Gårdbo
Mogens Gårdbo was:
Rasmus Gottleb
Rasmus Gottleb was:
Annette Lütchen-Lehn
Annette Lütchen-Lehn was:
Michael Ladegaard
Michael Ladegaard was:
Erling Bille
Erling Bille was:
Jacob Skibsted
Jacob Skibsted was:
Theis Jensen
Theis Jensen was:
Lars Kristensen
Lars Kristensen was:
Jacob Christiansen
Jacob Christiansen was:
Martin Knudsen
Martin Knudsen was:
Max Guldkjær
Max Guldkjær was:
Nikolaj Sejer
Nikolaj Sejer was:
Nikolaj Pil
Nikolaj Pil was:
Sebastian Nielsen
Sebastian Nielsen was:
Tobias Geertsen
Tobias Geertsen was:
Jan Søgaard Hansen
Jan Søgaard Hansen was:
Michael Kastberg
Michael Kastberg was:
Jonas Skelmose
Jonas Skelmose was:
Ulrich Brandt
Ulrich Brandt was:
Asger Sørensen
Asger Sørensen was:
Jørgen Christiansen
Jørgen Christiansen was:
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