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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Before the Frost

Before the Frost

Release Date: 2019-01-10 (2 years ago)
Jesper Christensen
Jesper Christensen was:
Magnus Krepper
Magnus Krepper was:
Ghita Nørby
Ghita Nørby was:
Elliott Crosset Hove
Elliott Crosset Hove was:
Gustav Dyekjær Giese
Gustav Dyekjær Giese was:
Rasmus Hammerich
Rasmus Hammerich was:
Oscar Dyekjær Giese
Oscar Dyekjær Giese was:
Clara Rosager
Clara Rosager was:
Bertil De Lorenzi
Bertil De Lorenzi was:
Martin Greis-Rosenthal
Martin Greis-Rosenthal was:
Clement Blach Petersen
Clement Blach Petersen was:
Palle Kvist
Palle Kvist was:
Kristian Halken
Kristian Halken was:
Jens Brenaa
Jens Brenaa was:
Gustav Möller
Gustav Möller was:
Søren Christensen
Søren Christensen was:
Adam Fischer
Adam Fischer was:
Emilio Stanley Jensen
Emilio Stanley Jensen was:
Oscar Amadeus Rödsgaard
Oscar Amadeus Rödsgaard was:
Martin Wennike
Martin Wennike was:
Clara Bruun
Clara Bruun was:
Stine Camilla Hansen
Stine Camilla Hansen was:
Stine Knudtzen
Stine Knudtzen was:
Josephine Frederikke Kirstein Kuhn
Josephine Frederikke Kirstein Kuhn was:
Dorrit Kjær
Dorrit Kjær was:
Henrik Hansen
Henrik Hansen was:
Eddie Emhof Brøchner
Eddie Emhof Brøchner was:
Bjarne Jønsson
Bjarne Jønsson was:
Jens-Albert Degerbøl
Jens-Albert Degerbøl was:
Kristian Hedegaard-Petersen
Kristian Hedegaard-Petersen was:
Mogens Jensen
Mogens Jensen was:
Bo "Smed" Jørgensen
Bo "Smed" Jørgensen was:
Smilla Bay Knudsen
Smilla Bay Knudsen was:
Helle Madsen
Helle Madsen was:
Leif Madsen
Leif Madsen was:
Carsten Brix
Carsten Brix was:
Anders Esbensen
Anders Esbensen was:
Arvid Skindbjerg Kristensen
Arvid Skindbjerg Kristensen was:
Peter Grå Nielsen
Peter Grå Nielsen was:
Frank Rasmussen
Frank Rasmussen was:
Mathias Blume
Mathias Blume was:
Jakob Koch
Jakob Koch was:
Jesper Koch
Jesper Koch was:
Keld Tachau
Keld Tachau was:
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