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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Marked for Death

Marked for Death

Release Date: 1990-10-05 (30 years ago)
Steven Seagal
John Hatcher
Steven Seagal was:
Basil Wallace
Basil Wallace was:
Keith David
Keith David was:
Tom Wright
Tom Wright was:
Joanna Pacula
Joanna Pacula was:
Elizabeth Gracen
Elizabeth Gracen was:
Bette Ford
Bette Ford was:
Danielle Harris
Danielle Harris was:
Al Israel
Tito Barco
Al Israel was:
Arlen Dean Snyder
Arlen Dean Snyder was:
Victor Romero Evans
Victor Romero Evans was:
Tony DiBenedetto
Jimmy Fingers
Tony DiBenedetto was:
Kevin Dunn
Lt. Sal Roselli
Kevin Dunn was:
Danny Trejo
Danny Trejo was:
Elena Sahagun
Elena Sahagun was:
Rita Verreos
Rita Verreos was:
Peter Jason
Pete Stone
Peter Jason was:
Tom Dugan
Tom Dugan was:
Earl Boen
Dr. Stein
Earl Boen was:
Leslie Danon
Girl #1
Leslie Danon was:
Terri Ivens
Girl #2
Terri Ivens was:
Teri Weigel
Sexy Girl #2
Teri Weigel was:
Nicholas Celozzi
Man in High Hat Bar
Nicholas Celozzi was:
Mickie McGowan
Additional Dialogue Replacement (voice)
Mickie McGowan was:
Michael Ralph
Michael Ralph was:
Jeffrey Anderson-Gunter
Jeffrey Anderson-Gunter was:
Richard Delmonte
Richard Delmonte was:
Joe Renteria
Joe Renteria was:
Gary Carlos Cervantes
Little Richard
Gary Carlos Cervantes was:
Wayne Montanio
Mexican Bouncer
Wayne Montanio was:
Nick Corello
Nick Corello was:
Grant Gelt
Grant Gelt was:
Justine Murphy
Justine Murphy was:
Stanley White
Sherriff O'Dwyer
Stanley White was:
Matt Levin
Boy #1
Matt Levin was:
Philip Tanzini
Boy #2
Philip Tanzini was:
Dale Harimoto
TV News Reporter
Dale Harimoto was:
Tracey Burch
Sexy Girl #1
Tracey Burch was:
Robert Ashiva Ganta Strickland
Arms Dealer
Robert Ashiva Ganta Strickland was:
Noel L. Walcott III
Posse Leader
Noel L. Walcott III was:
Prince Ital Joe
Dread with Hostage
Prince Ital Joe was:
Andria Martel
Young Stripper
Andria Martel was:
Debby Shively
Debby Shively was:
Craig Pinkard
Craig Pinkard was:
Matt O'Toole
Yuppie Dealer
Matt O'Toole was:
Kerrie Cullen
Dept. Store Hostage
Kerrie Cullen was:
Linus Huffman
DEA Agent
Linus Huffman was:
Roger Romero Godbout
Band in McGilly's
Roger Romero Godbout was:
Harry John Leamy
Band in McGilly's
Harry John Leamy was:
John Endeveri
Band in McGilly's
John Endeveri was:
Christopher Allen Goss
Band in McGilly's
Christopher Allen Goss was:
Libert Steer
Reggae Band
Libert Steer was:
Philip Chen
Reggae Band
Philip Chen was:
Rock Deadrick
Reggae Band
Rock Deadrick was:
Einstein Brown
Reggae Band
Einstein Brown was:
Éric Bernard
Reggae Band
Éric Bernard was:
Haile Maskel
Reggae Band
Haile Maskel was:
Jimmy Cliff
Jimmy Cliff was:
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