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Poster of Soul Man

Soul Man

Release Date: Friday, October 24 1986 (36 years ago)
Portrait of C. Thomas HowellC. Thomas Howell
Mark Watson
C. Thomas Howell was:
Portrait of Rae Dawn ChongRae Dawn Chong
Sarah Walker
Rae Dawn Chong was:
Portrait of Arye GrossArye Gross
Gordon Bloomfeld
Arye Gross was:
Portrait of James Earl JonesJames Earl Jones
Professor Banks
James Earl Jones was:
Portrait of Melora HardinMelora Hardin
Whitney Dunbar
Melora Hardin was:
Portrait of Leslie NielsenLeslie Nielsen
Mr. Dunbar
Leslie Nielsen was:
Portrait of Ann WalkerAnn Walker
Mrs. Dunbar
Ann Walker was:
Portrait of James B. SikkingJames B. Sikking
Bill Watson
James B. Sikking was:
Portrait of Max WrightMax Wright
Dr. Aronson
Max Wright was:
Portrait of Jeff AltmanJeff Altman
Ray McGrady
Jeff Altman was:
Portrait of Julia Louis-DreyfusJulia Louis-Dreyfus
Lisa Stimson
Julia Louis-Dreyfus was:
Portrait of Maree CheathamMaree Cheatham
Dorothy Watson
Maree Cheatham was:
Portrait of Wallace LanghamWallace Langham
Barky Brewer
Wallace Langham was:
Portrait of Eric SchiffEric Schiff
Booey Fraser
Eric Schiff was:
Portrait of Ron ReaganRon Reagan
Ron Reagan was:
Portrait of Mark NeelyMark Neely
Brad Small
Mark Neely was:
Portrait of David ReynoldsDavid Reynolds
David Reynolds was:
Portrait of Wolfe PerryWolfe Perry
Wolfe Perry was:
Portrait of Jerry PavlonJerry Pavlon
Bruce Wizansky
Jerry Pavlon was:
Portrait of Laurel GreenLaurel Green
Laurel Green was:
Portrait of John David BlandJohn David Bland
John David Bland was:
Portrait of Jonathan 'Fudge' LeonardJonathan 'Fudge' Leonard
George Walker
Jonathan 'Fudge' Leonard was:
Portrait of Felix NelsonFelix Nelson
Mr. Walker
Felix Nelson was:
Portrait of Betty ColeBetty Cole
Mrs. Walker
Betty Cole was:
Portrait of Bo MancusoBo Mancuso
Bundy Dunbar
Bo Mancuso was:
Portrait of Donald HottonDonald Hotton
Mr. Wicher
Donald Hotton was:
Portrait of Linda HoyLinda Hoy
Mrs. Sherwood
Linda Hoy was:
Portrait of Robert BurleighRobert Burleigh
Bouchard Man
Robert Burleigh was:
Portrait of Jonathan WiseJonathan Wise
Jonathan Wise was:
Portrait of Amy StochAmy Stoch
Amy Stoch was:
Portrait of Paul O'BrienPaul O'Brien
Officer Schkolnick
Paul O'Brien was:
Portrait of M.C. GaineyM.C. Gainey
Jail Cell Bigot
M.C. Gainey was:
Portrait of Freddie DawsonFreddie Dawson
Freddie Dawson was:
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