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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Doin' Time

Doin' Time

Release Date: Sunday, May 19 1985 (37 years ago)
Portrait of Jeff AltmanJeff Altman
Duke Jarret
Jeff Altman was:
Portrait of Dey YoungDey Young
Dr. Vicki Norris
Dey Young was:
Portrait of Richard MulliganRichard Mulligan
Mongo Mitchell
Richard Mulligan was:
Portrait of John VernonJohn Vernon
Big Mac
John Vernon was:
Portrait of Jimmie WalkerJimmie Walker
Jimmie Walker was:
Portrait of Judy LandersJudy Landers
The Bride
Judy Landers was:
Portrait of Colleen CampColleen Camp
Nancy Catlett
Colleen Camp was:
Portrait of Muhammad AliMuhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali was:
Portrait of Melanie ChartoffMelanie Chartoff
Linda Libel
Melanie Chartoff was:
Portrait of Stuart GillardStuart Gillard
Sen. Hodgkins
Stuart Gillard was:
Portrait of Rhonda ShearRhonda Shear
Rhonda Shear was:
Portrait of Kitten NatividadKitten Natividad
Kitten Natividad was:
Portrait of Melinda O. FeeMelinda O. Fee
Melinda O. Fee was:
Portrait of Dona SpeirDona Speir
Card Holder
Dona Speir was:
Portrait of Ji-Tu CumbukaJi-Tu Cumbuka
Bernie Feldstein
Ji-Tu Cumbuka was:
Portrait of Big YankBig Yank
Bubba Feldstein
Big Yank was:
Portrait of Graham JarvisGraham Jarvis
Graham Jarvis was:
Portrait of Nicholas WorthNicholas Worth
Nicholas Worth was:
Portrait of Mike MazurkiMike Mazurki
Mike Mazurki was:
Portrait of Simmy BowSimmy Bow
Snake Eyes
Simmy Bow was:
Portrait of Ron PalilloRon Palillo
Ron Palillo was:
Portrait of Pat McCormickPat McCormick
Pat McCormick was:
Portrait of Henry BalHenry Bal
Guard Kowinski
Henry Bal was:
Portrait of Robert ClotworthyRobert Clotworthy
Robert Clotworthy was:
Portrait of Gene BellGene Bell
Gene Bell was:
Portrait of Travis McKennaTravis McKenna
Travis McKenna was:
Portrait of Eddie VelezEddie Velez
Eddie Velez was:
Portrait of Joel ZurloJoel Zurlo
Unit Manager
Joel Zurlo was:
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