Poster of Chile Picante

Chile Picante

Plot: A woman uses her husband's money to open a beauty parlor/spa.
Release Date: Thursday, May 5 1983
40 years ago
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Portrait of Angélica ChainAngélica Chain
Porfirio's Wife (segment "La infidelidad")
Angélica Chain was:
Thu, May 24 1956
Portrait of Andrés GarcíaAndrés García
Raul the Art Painter (segment "La infidelidad")
Andrés García was:
Sat, May 24 1941
Tue, Apr 04 2023
Portrait of Alberto RojasAlberto Rojas
Osmar the Beautician (segment "La infidelidad")
Alberto Rojas was:
Mon, Mar 27 1944
Sun, Feb 21 2016
Portrait of Alfredo Wally BarrónAlfredo Wally Barrón
Porfirio (segment "La infidelidad")
Alfredo Wally Barrón was:
Wed, Jun 11 1930
Sun, May 24 1992
Portrait of Karen CastelloKaren Castello
(segment "La infidelidad")
Karen Castello was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Norma LeeNorma Lee
Nightclub Dancer (segment "La infidelidad")
Norma Lee was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Gerardo ZepedaGerardo Zepeda
(segment "La infidelidad")
Gerardo Zepeda was:
Sat, Jan 01 1938
Portrait of Juan JaramilloJuan Jaramillo
(segment "La infidelidad")
Juan Jaramillo was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Blanca GuerraBlanca Guerra
Wife of Compadre #1 (segment "Los Compadres")
Blanca Guerra was:
Sat, Jan 10 1953
Portrait of Héctor SuárezHéctor Suárez
Compadre #1 (segment "Los Compadres")
Héctor Suárez was:
Fri, Oct 21 1938
Tue, Jun 02 2020
Portrait of Tito JuncoTito Junco
Office Clerk (segment "Los Compadres")
Tito Junco was:
Mon, Oct 04 1915
Fri, Dec 09 1983
Portrait of Humberto ElizondoHumberto Elizondo
(segment "Los Compadres")
Humberto Elizondo was:
Sat, Jul 19 1947
Portrait of Pedro Weber 'Chatanuga'Pedro Weber 'Chatanuga'
(segment "Los Compadres")
Pedro Weber 'Chatanuga' was:
Tue, Nov 28 1933
Tue, Mar 22 2016
Portrait of María CardinalMaría Cardinal
(segment "Los Compadres")
María Cardinal was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Princesa LeaPrincesa Lea
Blonde Stripper (segment "Los Compadres")
Princesa Lea was:
Wed, Oct 19 1949
Portrait of Jeannette MassJeannette Mass
Nightclub Dancer (segment "Los Compadres")
Jeannette Mass was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Eduardo de la PeñaEduardo de la Peña
Compadre #2 (segment "Los Compadres")
Eduardo de la Peña was:
Tue, Sep 01 1936
Portrait of Lyn MayLyn May
Exotic Dancer (segment "Los Compadres")
Lyn May was:
Fri, Dec 12 1952


Portrait of René Cardona Jr.René Cardona Jr.
Director, Story
René Cardona Jr. was:
Thu, May 11 1939
Wed, Feb 05 2003
Portrait of Daniel LópezDaniel López
Director of Photography
Daniel López was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Juan Fernando Pérez GavilánJuan Fernando Pérez Gavilán
Juan Fernando Pérez Gavilán was:
Fri, Feb 12 1937
Portrait of Rafael CeballosRafael Ceballos
Rafael Ceballos was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Gustavo César CarriónGustavo César Carrión
Original Music Composer
Gustavo César Carrión was:
Thu, Oct 26 1916
Sun, Jun 09 1996
Portrait of Luis GaytánLuis Gaytán
Luis Gaytán was:
Unknown Birthday