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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Die Frau, die im Wald verschwand

Die Frau, die im Wald verschwand

Release Date: Wednesday, April 29 2009 (13 years ago)
Portrait of Karoline EichhornKaroline Eichhorn
Katharina Vorweg
Karoline Eichhorn was:
Portrait of Stefan KurtStefan Kurt
Dr. Gerd Vorweg
Stefan Kurt was:
Portrait of Matthias BrandtMatthias Brandt
Horst Karg
Matthias Brandt was:
Portrait of Jürgen HentschJürgen Hentsch
Dr. Rohleder
Jürgen Hentsch was:
Portrait of Christoph HofrichterChristoph Hofrichter
Bürgermeister Braun
Christoph Hofrichter was:
Portrait of Peter KnaackPeter Knaack
Peter Knaack was:
Portrait of Peter PragerPeter Prager
Peter Prager was:
Portrait of Günter SchauppGünter Schaupp
Dr. Langenbuchner
Günter Schaupp was:
Portrait of Patrizia MorescoPatrizia Moresco
Patrizia Moresco was:
Portrait of Reinhold OhngemachReinhold Ohngemach
Forstmeister Sauter
Reinhold Ohngemach was:
Portrait of Hermann SchreiberHermann Schreiber
Hermann Schreiber was:
Portrait of Uta BonzUta Bonz
Paula Braun
Uta Bonz was:
Portrait of Jean-Baptiste FilleauJean-Baptiste Filleau
Jean-Baptiste Filleau was:
Portrait of Dörte FreundtDörte Freundt
Dörte Freundt was:
Portrait of Philip HagmannPhilip Hagmann
Philip Hagmann was:
Portrait of Peter HöfermeyerPeter Höfermeyer
Ministerialdirigent Sipple
Peter Höfermeyer was:
Portrait of Franziska MenczFranziska Mencz
Frau Schumm
Franziska Mencz was:
Portrait of Robin SondermannRobin Sondermann
Robin Sondermann was:
Portrait of Georg Alfred WittnerGeorg Alfred Wittner
Chauffeur Brückner
Georg Alfred Wittner was:
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