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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of A Couch in New York

A Couch in New York

Release Date: Wednesday, February 21 1996 (27 years ago)
Portrait of Juliette BinocheJuliette Binoche
Béatrice Saulnier
Juliette Binoche was:
Portrait of William HurtWilliam Hurt
Henry Harriston
William Hurt was:
Portrait of Paul GuilfoylePaul Guilfoyle
Paul Guilfoyle was:
Portrait of Richard JenkinsRichard Jenkins
Richard Jenkins was:
Portrait of Stephanie ButtleStephanie Buttle
Stephanie Buttle was:
Portrait of Barbara GarrickBarbara Garrick
Lizbeth Honeywell
Barbara Garrick was:
Portrait of Kent BroadhurstKent Broadhurst
Kent Broadhurst was:
Portrait of Matthew BurtonMatthew Burton
Matthew Burton was:
Portrait of Henry BeanHenry Bean
Henry Bean was:
Portrait of Adam LeFevreAdam LeFevre
Restaurant Patron
Adam LeFevre was:
Portrait of Tiffany FraserTiffany Fraser
Julie (as Tiffany Frazer)
Tiffany Fraser was:
Portrait of Bernard BreuseBernard Breuse
Bernard Breuse was:
Portrait of Boris LeskinBoris Leskin
Cab Driver #1
Boris Leskin was:
Portrait of Wendy WayWendy Way
Employee at Airport
Wendy Way was:
Portrait of Jerry DeanJerry Dean
Cab Driver #2
Jerry Dean was:
Portrait of David S. LomaxDavid S. Lomax
Cab Driver #3
David S. Lomax was:
Portrait of Jean-Baptiste FilleauJean-Baptiste Filleau
Jean-Baptiste Filleau was:
Portrait of Lusako KarongaLusako Karonga
Lusako Karonga was:
Portrait of Blaise ChakirBlaise Chakir
Blaise Chakir was:
Portrait of Bruce KatzmanBruce Katzman
Bruce Katzman was:
Portrait of Michael McCormickMichael McCormick
Man in Central Park
Michael McCormick was:
Portrait of Michelle RouhaniMichelle Rouhani
Neighbor (uncredited)
Michelle Rouhani was:
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