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A New Wave

Plot: A frustrated artist is convinced by his eccentric roommate to rob a bank. Having planned the crime by watching bank-robber films, the amateur heist is doomed from the beginning
Release Date: Tuesday, August 21 2007
16 years ago
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Portrait of Andrew KeeganAndrew Keegan
Andrew Keegan was
28 in A New Wave
as 'Desmond'.
Mon, Jan 29 1979
Portrait of Lacey ChabertLacey Chabert
Lacey Chabert was
24 in A New Wave
as 'Julie'.
Thu, Sep 30 1982
Portrait of John KrasinskiJohn Krasinski
John Krasinski was
27 in A New Wave
as 'Gideon'.
Sat, Oct 20 1979
Portrait of Dean EdwardsDean Edwards
Dean Edwards was
37 in A New Wave
as 'Rupert'.
Thu, Jul 30 1970
Portrait of William SadlerWilliam Sadler
William Sadler was
57 in A New Wave
as 'Roger Dewitt'.
Thu, Apr 13 1950
Portrait of Caprice BenedettiCaprice Benedetti
Caprice Benedetti was
42 in A New Wave
as 'Cynthia DeWitt'.
Sun, Aug 01 1965
Portrait of Wass StevensWass Stevens
Wass Stevens was
36 in A New Wave
as 'Francois'.
Sat, Aug 22 1970


Portrait of Jason CarveyJason Carvey
Jason Carvey was
>> in A New Wave
as 'Director, Writer, Producer'
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Bruce SeymourBruce Seymour
Bruce Seymour was
>> in A New Wave
as 'Producer'
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Jasmine GarnetJasmine Garnet
Jasmine Garnet was
>> in A New Wave
as 'Costume Design'
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Adam GirardetAdam Girardet
Adam Girardet was
>> in A New Wave
as 'Art Direction'
Unknown Birthday