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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Miracle at St. Anna

Miracle at St. Anna

Release Date: 2008-09-15 (13 years ago)
Derek Luke
2nd Staff Sergeant Aubrey Stamps
Derek Luke was:
Michael Ealy
Sergeant Bishop Cummings
Michael Ealy was:
Laz Alonso
Corporal Hector Negron
Laz Alonso was:
Omar Benson Miller
Private First Class Sam Train
Omar Benson Miller was:
Pierfrancesco Favino
Peppi 'The Great Butterfly' Grotta
Pierfrancesco Favino was:
Valentina Cervi
Valentina Cervi was:
Matteo Sciabordi
Angelo Torancelli (The Boy)
Matteo Sciabordi was:
John Turturro
Detective Antonio Ri
John Turturro was:
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Tim Boyle
Joseph Gordon-Levitt was:
John Leguizamo
John Leguizamo was:
Kerry Washington
Zana Wilder
Kerry Washington was:
D. B. Sweeney
Colonel Driscoll
D. B. Sweeney was:
Robert John Burke
General Ned Almond
Robert John Burke was:
Omari Hardwick
Platoon Commander Huggs
Omari Hardwick was:
Omero Antonutti
Omero Antonutti was:
Sergio Albelli
Sergio Albelli was:
Lidia Biondi
Lidia Biondi was:
Matteo Romoli
Matteo Romoli was:
Massimo Sarchielli
Massimo Sarchielli was:
Giselda Volodi
Giselda Volodi was:
Giulia Weber
Giulia Weber was:
Max Malatesta
Major Gerhard Bergmann
Max Malatesta was:
Ralph Palka
Lieutenant Claussen
Ralph Palka was:
Massimo De Santis
Don Innocenzo Lazzeri
Massimo De Santis was:
Livia Taruffi
Livia Taruffi was:
Michele De Virgilio
Michele De Virgilio was:
Michael Kenneth Williams
Michael Kenneth Williams was:
Laila Petrone
Laila Petrone was:
Luigi Lo Cascio
Angelo Torancelli (Adult)
Luigi Lo Cascio was:
Alexandra Maria Lara
Axis Sally
Alexandra Maria Lara was:
Jan Pohl
Hans Brundt
Jan Pohl was:
Walton Goggins
Captain Nokes
Walton Goggins was:
Tory Kittles
Lieutenant Birdsong
Tory Kittles was:
Stephen Monroe Taylor
Captain Rudden
Stephen Monroe Taylor was:
André Holland
Private Needles
André Holland was:
Christian Berkel
Captain Eichholz
Christian Berkel was:
Waldemar Kobus
Colonel Pflueger
Waldemar Kobus was:
Chiara Francini
Chiara Francini was:
Giovanni Zigliotto
Giovanni Zigliotto was:
Federigo Ceci
Federigo Ceci was:
Agnese Nano
Agnese Nano was:
Leonardo Borzonasca
Leonardo Borzonasca was:
Malcolm Goodwin
Malcolm Goodwin was:
Sean Ryal
Sean Ryal was:
Brad Leland
Trueheart Frazier
Brad Leland was:
Rodney "Bear" Jackson
Ilion Hinson
Rodney "Bear" Jackson was:
Oliver Korittke
Fritz Bennecke
Oliver Korittke was:
Kai Wido Meyer
Karl Lessner
Kai Wido Meyer was:
Alexander Beyer
Nazi Soldier
Alexander Beyer was:
Usman Sharif
Radio Operator Hughes
Usman Sharif was:
Matteo Bonetti
Blind Accordion Player
Matteo Bonetti was:
Leland Gantt
Leland Gantt was:
John Earl Jelks
Detective Dillard
John Earl Jelks was:
Al Palagonia
Detective Haggerty
Al Palagonia was:
Curt Lowens
Dr. Everton Brooks
Curt Lowens was:
John Hawkes
Herb Redneck
John Hawkes was:
Douglas M. Griffin
MP Freddy Naughton
Douglas M. Griffin was:
Joe Chrest
MP Doyle Ellis
Joe Chrest was:
Peter Frechette
Peter Hammond
Peter Frechette was:
De'Adre Aziza
De'Adre Aziza was:
Limary Agosto
Sonia (Postal Worker)
Limary Agosto was:
Lemon Andersen
Sixto (Postal Worker)
Lemon Andersen was:
Marcia Jean Kurtz
Post Office Customer
Marcia Jean Kurtz was:
Colman Domingo
West Indian Postal Customer
Colman Domingo was:
Peter Kybart
Judge Trinkoff
Peter Kybart was:
Rebecca Naomi Jones
Zana Wilder's Assistant
Rebecca Naomi Jones was:
Michael Den Dekker
Michael Decker (Legal Aid Attorney)
Michael Den Dekker was:
Karyl Sloan
Herb's Wife
Karyl Sloan was:
Robinson Wendt
Herb's Son
Robinson Wendt was:
Kesia Elwin
Lourdes Negron
Kesia Elwin was:
Hans Schoeber
German POW #1
Hans Schoeber was:
Dieter Riesle
German POW #2
Dieter Riesle was:
Eugene Brell
German POW #3
Eugene Brell was:
Lars Gerhard
German POW #4
Lars Gerhard was:
Nick Augusta Thompson
German POW #5
Nick Augusta Thompson was:
Matthew Carroll
German POW #6
Matthew Carroll was:
Adrain Washington
Buffalo Soldier
Adrain Washington was:
Alexander Brathwaite
Buffalo Soldier
Alexander Brathwaite was:
Booker T. Washington
Buffalo Soldier
Booker T. Washington was:
Bryant Pearson
Buffalo Soldier
Bryant Pearson was:
Basil Scrivens
Buffalo Soldier
Basil Scrivens was:
Cédric Ido
Buffalo Soldier
Cédric Ido was:
Cerrone May
Buffalo Soldier
Cerrone May was:
Christopher Greene
Buffalo Soldier
Christopher Greene was:
Courtney Charles
Buffalo Soldier
Courtney Charles was:
Deantre Williams
Buffalo Soldier
Deantre Williams was:
Dexter M. Pitts
Buffalo Soldier
Dexter M. Pitts was:
Kalon Jackson
Buffalo Soldier
Kalon Jackson was:
Elijah Moreland
Buffalo Soldier
Elijah Moreland was:
Ezra Mabengeza
Buffalo Soldier
Ezra Mabengeza was:
Haas Manning
Haas Manning was:
Jimmie Pinckney
Buffalo Soldier
Jimmie Pinckney was:
Jonathan Robinson
Buffalo Soldier
Jonathan Robinson was:
Karim French
Buffalo Soldier
Karim French was:
Kwane Spinks
Buffalo Soldier
Kwane Spinks was:
Lionel Cineas Jr.
Buffalo Soldier
Lionel Cineas Jr. was:
Logan Coles
Buffalo Soldier
Logan Coles was:
Parrish McLean
Buffalo Soldier
Parrish McLean was:
Randy Wilkins
Buffalo Soldier
Randy Wilkins was:
Richard Ward
Buffalo Soldier
Richard Ward was:
Ronald Wimberly
Buffalo Soldier
Ronald Wimberly was:
Shawn Luckey
Buffalo Soldier
Shawn Luckey was:
Theron Smith
Buffalo Soldier
Theron Smith was:
Tracy Mazyck
Buffalo Soldier
Tracy Mazyck was:
Yarc Lewinson
Buffalo Soldier
Yarc Lewinson was:
Zay Smith
Buffalo Soldier
Zay Smith was:
Niklas Bardeli
Nazi Soldier
Niklas Bardeli was:
David Bredin
Nazi Soldier
David Bredin was:
Arne Burchard
Nazi Soldier
Arne Burchard was:
Tim Forssman
Nazi Soldier
Tim Forssman was:
Johnny Florio
Nazi Soldier
Johnny Florio was:
Jeff Fischer
Nazi Soldier
Jeff Fischer was:
Robert Heinle
Nazi Soldier
Robert Heinle was:
Thomas Maximilian Held
Nazi Soldier
Thomas Maximilian Held was:
Sascha Heymans
Nazi Soldier
Sascha Heymans was:
Timo Jacobs
Nazi Soldier
Timo Jacobs was:
Florian Kaufmann
Nazi Soldier
Florian Kaufmann was:
Jens Kauffmann
Nazi Soldier
Jens Kauffmann was:
Siggi Kautz
Nazi Soldier
Siggi Kautz was:
Torsten Knippertz
Nazi Soldier
Torsten Knippertz was:
Daniel Peter Paul Komma
Nazi Soldier
Daniel Peter Paul Komma was:
Sebastian Koslowski
Nazi Soldier
Sebastian Koslowski was:
Matze Lehmann
Nazi Soldier
Matze Lehmann was:
Robin Alexander Michel
Nazi Soldier
Robin Alexander Michel was:
Andreas Pfundstein
Nazi Soldier
Andreas Pfundstein was:
Tobias Riefer
Nazi Soldier
Tobias Riefer was:
Axel Schumacher
Nazi Soldier
Axel Schumacher was:
Dirk Sikorski
Nazi Soldier
Dirk Sikorski was:
Tom Sommerlatte
Nazi Soldier
Tom Sommerlatte was:
Claudius von Stolzmann
Nazi Soldier
Claudius von Stolzmann was:
Tibor Taylor
Nazi Soldier
Tibor Taylor was:
René Carsten Wedeward
Nazi Soldier
René Carsten Wedeward was:
Lukas Martin Weiss
Nazi Soldier
Lukas Martin Weiss was:
Arthur Werner
Nazi Soldier
Arthur Werner was:
Bastian Zessner
Nazi Soldier
Bastian Zessner was:
Adrian Zwicker
Nazi Soldier
Adrian Zwicker was:
Hank Eulau
Patient (uncredited)
Hank Eulau was:
Steve Forrest
Capt. Harding in The Longest Day (archive footage) (uncredited)
Steve Forrest was:
Stuart Whitman
Lt. Sheen in The Longest Day (archive footage) (uncredited)
Stuart Whitman was:
Philip E Jones
80's Guy (uncredited)
Philip E Jones was:
Adam S. Phillips
Prisoner (uncredited)
Adam S. Phillips was:
Marco Pancrazi
German Sniper (uncredited)
Marco Pancrazi was:
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