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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Hellinger's Law

Hellinger's Law

Release Date: Tuesday, March 10 1981 (41 years ago)
Portrait of Telly SavalasTelly Savalas
Nick Hellinger
Telly Savalas was:
Portrait of Morgan StevensMorgan Stevens
Andy Clay
Morgan Stevens was:
Portrait of Ja'net DuBoisJa'net DuBois
Dottie Singer
Ja'net DuBois was:
Portrait of Roy PooleRoy Poole
Judge Carroll
Roy Poole was:
Portrait of Rod TaylorRod Taylor
Clint Tolliver
Rod Taylor was:
Portrait of Melinda DillonMelinda Dillon
Anne Gronouski
Melinda Dillon was:
Portrait of James SutoriusJames Sutorius
Lon Braden
James Sutorius was:
Portrait of Tom McFaddenTom McFadden
Det. Roy Donovan
Tom McFadden was:
Portrait of Lisa Blake RichardsLisa Blake Richards
Cara Braden
Lisa Blake Richards was:
Portrait of Kyle RichardsKyle Richards
Julie Braden
Kyle Richards was:
Portrait of Arlen Dean SnyderArlen Dean Snyder
D.A. Fred Whedon
Arlen Dean Snyder was:
Portrait of Thom ChristopherThom Christopher
Bill Rossetti
Thom Christopher was:
Portrait of M. Emmet WalshM. Emmet Walsh
Mr. Graebner
M. Emmet Walsh was:
Portrait of Robert PhalenRobert Phalen
Dave Fredericks
Robert Phalen was:
Portrait of Jack RamageJack Ramage
Douglas Langley
Jack Ramage was:
Portrait of Patsy RahnPatsy Rahn
Laura Weire
Patsy Rahn was:
Portrait of Don HanmerDon Hanmer
D.A. Stevenson
Don Hanmer was:
Portrait of Francis X. McCarthyFrancis X. McCarthy
Paul Savage
Francis X. McCarthy was:
Portrait of Cindy FisherCindy Fisher
Jill Gronouski
Cindy Fisher was:
Portrait of Bill CrossBill Cross
Bill Cross was:
Portrait of Sean PennSean Penn
Bit Part (uncredited)
Sean Penn was:
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