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Plot: Jack Cody has always wanted to enter the world of the Superfights, a free fighting tournament. One night, Jack rescues a girl from a mugging and becomes a national hero
Release Date: Friday, November 10 1995
28 years ago
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Portrait of Brandon GainesBrandon Gaines
Brandon Gaines was
>> in Superfights
as 'Jack Cody'.
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Keith VitaliKeith Vitali
Keith Vitali was
43 in Superfights
as 'Robert Sawyer'.
Tue, Jan 01 1952
Portrait of Yu FeihongYu Feihong
Yu Feihong was
24 in Superfights
as 'Sally Wong'.
Fri, Jan 15 1971
Portrait of Chuck JeffreysChuck Jeffreys
Chuck Jeffreys was
37 in Superfights
as 'Dark Cloud'.
Wed, Jul 23 1958
Portrait of James RochaJames Rocha
James Rocha was
28 in Superfights
as 'Mike Rocco / The Beast'.
Thu, May 04 1967
Portrait of Rob Van DamRob Van Dam
Rob Van Dam was
24 in Superfights
as 'Mercenary'.
Fri, Dec 18 1970
Portrait of Kelly GallantKelly Gallant
Kelly Gallant was
>> in Superfights
as 'Angel'.
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Cliff LendermanCliff Lenderman
Cliff Lenderman was
>> in Superfights
as 'Budokai'.
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Kong LungKong Lung
Kong Lung was
61 in Superfights
as 'Grandfather'.
Thu, Feb 08 1934 –
Tue, Sep 02 2014


Portrait of Tony Leung Siu-HungTony Leung Siu-Hung
Tony Leung Siu-Hung was
41 in Superfights
as 'Director'
Fri, Jan 01 1954
Portrait of Keith W. StrandbergKeith W. Strandberg
Keith W. Strandberg was
>> in Superfights
as 'Writer'
Unknown Birthday