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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Good Die Young

The Good Die Young

Release Date: 1954-03-02 (67 years ago)
Laurence Harvey
Miles 'Rave' Ravenscourt
Laurence Harvey was:
Gloria Grahame
Denise Blaine
Gloria Grahame was:
Richard Basehart
Joe Halsey
Richard Basehart was:
Joan Collins
Mary Halsey
Joan Collins was:
John Ireland
Eddie Blaine
John Ireland was:
René Ray
Angela Morgan
René Ray was:
Stanley Baker
Mike Morgan
Stanley Baker was:
Margaret Leighton
Eve Ravenscourt
Margaret Leighton was:
Robert Morley
Sir Francis Ravenscourt
Robert Morley was:
Freda Jackson
Mrs. Freeman
Freda Jackson was:
James Kenney
Dave, Angela's Brother
James Kenney was:
Susan Shaw
Doris, Girl in the Pub
Susan Shaw was:
Lee Patterson
Tod Maslin
Lee Patterson was:
Sandra Dorne
Pretty Girl
Sandra Dorne was:
Leslie Dwyer
Leslie Dwyer was:
Patricia McCarron
Patricia McCarron was:
George Rose
George Rose was:
Joan Heal
Joan Heal was:
Walter Hudd
Dr. Reed
Walter Hudd was:
Zena Barry
Air Hostess
Zena Barry was:
Hyma Beckley
Man at Airport
Hyma Beckley was:
Joe Bloom
Joe Bloom was:
Alexander Davion
Young Man
Alexander Davion was:
Thomas Gallagher
Thomas Gallagher was:
Patsy Hagate
Patsy Hagate was:
Stella Hamilton
Young Woman
Stella Hamilton was:
Alf Hinds
Alf Hinds was:
Edward Judd
Simpson, Young Boxer
Edward Judd was:
Anthony Lang
Anthony Lang was:
Sheila McCormack
Air Hostess
Sheila McCormack was:
John McRae
John McRae was:
Hugh Moxey
Doctor at Baths
Hugh Moxey was:
Patricia Owens
Patricia Owens was:
MacDonald Parke
Mr. Carruthers
MacDonald Parke was:
Philip Ray
Philip Ray was:
Harold Siddons
Hospital Doctor
Harold Siddons was:
George Spence
George Spence was:
Marianne Stone
Marianne Stone was:
Fred Stroud
Bar Patron
Fred Stroud was:
Robert Brooks Turner
Pub Customer Wearing Hat
Robert Brooks Turner was:
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