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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Starred Up

Starred Up

Release Date: 2013-09-09 (7 years ago)
Jack O'Connell
Eric Love
Jack O'Connell was:
Ben Mendelsohn
Neville Love
Ben Mendelsohn was:
Rupert Friend
Oliver Baumer
Rupert Friend was:
David Ajala
David Ajala was:
Peter Ferdinando
Peter Ferdinando was:
Gershwyn Eustache Jnr
Gershwyn Eustache Jnr was:
Anthony Welsh
Anthony Welsh was:
David Avery
David Avery was:
Sian Breckin
Governor Cardew
Sian Breckin was:
Sam Spruell
Deputy Governor Haynes
Sam Spruell was:
Gilly Gilchrist
Principal Officer Scott
Gilly Gilchrist was:
Frederick Schmidt
Officer Gentry
Frederick Schmidt was:
Edna Caskey
Officer Evans
Edna Caskey was:
Duncan Airlie James
Officer White
Duncan Airlie James was:
Matt Faris
Officer Hall
Matt Faris was:
Tommy McDonnell
Officer Self
Tommy McDonnell was:
James Doran
Officer Smith
James Doran was:
Ian Beattie
Officer Johnson
Ian Beattie was:
C.C. Smiff
Officer Corsair
C.C. Smiff was:
Jonathan Asser
Officer Edwards
Jonathan Asser was:
Paddy Rocks
Officer Henry
Paddy Rocks was:
Darren Hart
Darren Hart was:
Raphael Sowole
Raphael Sowole was:
Basil Abdul-Latif
Basil Abdul-Latif was:
Aisha Walters
Nurse Bankford
Aisha Walters was:
Ashley Chin
Ashley Chin was:
Mark Asante
Mark Asante was:
Paul Lewis Ferguson
Paul Lewis Ferguson was:
Ryan McKenna
Ryan McKenna was:
Anthony Adjekum
Officer Wilson
Anthony Adjekum was:
Amma Boateng
Officer Stokes
Amma Boateng was:
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