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Poster of A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol

Release Date: Wednesday, November 4 2009 (13 years ago)
Portrait of Jim CarreyJim Carrey
Scrooge / Ghosts of Christmas (voice)
Jim Carrey was:
Portrait of Gary OldmanGary Oldman
Bob Cratchit / Marley / Tiny Tim (voice)
Gary Oldman was:
Portrait of Colin FirthColin Firth
Fred (voice)
Colin Firth was:
Portrait of Robin WrightRobin Wright
Fan / Belle (voice)
Robin Wright was:
Portrait of Cary ElwesCary Elwes
Portly Gentleman / Dick Wilkins / Fiddler / Business Man (voice)
Cary Elwes was:
Portrait of Bob HoskinsBob Hoskins
Fezziwig / Old Joe (voice)
Bob Hoskins was:
Portrait of Daryl SabaraDaryl Sabara
Apprentice / Caroler / Beggar / Peter Cratchit (voice)
Daryl Sabara was:
Portrait of Steve ValentineSteve Valentine
Funerary Undertaker / Topper (voice)
Steve Valentine was:
Portrait of Sage RyanSage Ryan
Tattered Caroler (voice)
Sage Ryan was:
Portrait of Amber Gainey MeadeAmber Gainey Meade
Tattered Caroler / Well Dressed Caroler (voice)
Amber Gainey Meade was:
Portrait of Ryan OchoaRyan Ochoa
Caroler / Beggar / Cratchit Boy / Ignorance / Boy (voice)
Ryan Ochoa was:
Portrait of Bobbi PageBobbi Page
Tattered Caroler / Well Dressed Caroler (voice)
Bobbi Page was:
Portrait of Ron BottittaRon Bottitta
Tattered Caroler / Well Dressed Caroler (voice)
Ron Bottitta was:
Portrait of Fionnula FlanaganFionnula Flanagan
Mrs. Dilber (voice)
Fionnula Flanagan was:
Portrait of Sammi HanrattySammi Hanratty
Beggar Boy / Young Cratchit Girl / Want Girl (voice)
Sammi Hanratty was:
Portrait of Julian HollowayJulian Holloway
Fat Cook / Portly Gentleman #2 / Business Man #3 (voice)
Julian Holloway was:
Portrait of Jacquie BarnbrookJacquie Barnbrook
Mrs. Fezziwig / Fred's Sister-In-Law / Caroler (voice)
Jacquie Barnbrook was:
Portrait of Lesley ManvilleLesley Manville
Mrs. Cratchit (voice)
Lesley Manville was:
Portrait of Molly C. QuinnMolly C. Quinn
Belinda Cratchit (voice)
Molly C. Quinn was:
Portrait of Fay MastersonFay Masterson
Martha Cratchit / Guest #1 / Caroline (voice)
Fay Masterson was:
Portrait of Leslie ZemeckisLeslie Zemeckis
Fred's Wife (voice)
Leslie Zemeckis was:
Portrait of Paul BlackthornePaul Blackthorne
Guest #3 / Business Man #2 (voice)
Paul Blackthorne was:
Portrait of Michael HylandMichael Hyland
Guest #4 (voice)
Michael Hyland was:
Portrait of Kerry HoytKerry Hoyt
Adult Ignorance (voice)
Kerry Hoyt was:
Portrait of Julene ReneeJulene Renee
Adult Want (voice)
Julene Renee was:
Portrait of Raymond OchoaRaymond Ochoa
Caroline's Child (voice)
Raymond Ochoa was:
Portrait of Callum BlueCallum Blue
Caroline's Husband (voice)
Callum Blue was:
Portrait of Matthew HenersonMatthew Henerson
Poulterer (voice)
Matthew Henerson was:
Portrait of Aaron RapkeAaron Rapke
Well Dressed Caroler (voice)
Aaron Rapke was:
Portrait of Sonje FortagSonje Fortag
Well Dressed Caroler / Fred's Housemaid (voice)
Sonje Fortag was:
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