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Poster of Scandal Sheet

Scandal Sheet

Release Date: Saturday, January 31 1931 (91 years ago)
Portrait of George BancroftGeorge Bancroft
Mark Flint
George Bancroft was:
Portrait of Kay FrancisKay Francis
Edith Flint
Kay Francis was:
Portrait of Clive BrookClive Brook
Noel Adams
Clive Brook was:
Portrait of Regis ToomeyRegis Toomey
Regis Toomey was:
Portrait of Lucien LittlefieldLucien Littlefield
Charles McCloskey
Lucien Littlefield was:
Portrait of Gilbert EmeryGilbert Emery
Gilbert Emery was:
Portrait of Harry BeresfordHarry Beresford
Egbert Bertram Arnold
Harry Beresford was:
Portrait of Mary FoyMary Foy
Mrs. Wilson
Mary Foy was:
Portrait of Jackie SearlJackie Searl
Little Wilson Boy
Jackie Searl was:
Portrait of Fred KelseyFred Kelsey
Detective Sgt. Vincent Molloy
Fred Kelsey was:
Portrait of William ArnoldWilliam Arnold
Member of Board of Directors
William Arnold was:
Portrait of Irving BaconIrving Bacon
Reporter Kent
Irving Bacon was:
Portrait of Vince BarnettVince Barnett
Barrett, Convict Reporter
Vince Barnett was:
Portrait of Lynton BrentLynton Brent
Lynton Brent was:
Portrait of Davison ClarkDavison Clark
Davison Clark was:
Portrait of Monte CollinsMonte Collins
Reporter Collins
Monte Collins was:
Portrait of Adrienne D'AmbricourtAdrienne D'Ambricourt
Flint's French Maid
Adrienne D'Ambricourt was:
Portrait of Robert DudleyRobert Dudley
Flint's Secretary
Robert Dudley was:
Portrait of Perry IvinsPerry Ivins
Perry Ivins was:
Portrait of Broderick O'FarrellBroderick O'Farrell
Member of Board of Directors
Broderick O'Farrell was:
Portrait of Leslie PalmerLeslie Palmer
Fenton, Adams' Butler
Leslie Palmer was:
Portrait of Robert ParrishRobert Parrish
Copy Boy
Robert Parrish was:
Portrait of George C. PearceGeorge C. Pearce
George C. Pearce was:
Portrait of Victor PotelVictor Potel
Victor Potel was:
Portrait of Jack RichardsonJack Richardson
Jack Richardson was:
Portrait of Syd SaylorSyd Saylor
Nichols, Photographer
Syd Saylor was:
Portrait of Scott SeatonScott Seaton
Minor Role
Scott Seaton was:
Portrait of Nick StuartNick Stuart
Newspaper Office Messenger
Nick Stuart was:
Portrait of Frederick SullivanFrederick Sullivan
Matthews, Broker in Prison
Frederick Sullivan was:
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