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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Glamour Boy

Glamour Boy

Release Date: Friday, December 5 1941 (80 years ago)
Portrait of Jackie CooperJackie Cooper
Tiny Barlow
Jackie Cooper was:
Portrait of Susanna FosterSusanna Foster
Joan Winslow
Susanna Foster was:
Portrait of Walter AbelWalter Abel
Anthony J. Colder
Walter Abel was:
Portrait of Darryl HickmanDarryl Hickman
Billy Doran
Darryl Hickman was:
Portrait of Ann GillisAnn Gillis
Brenda Lee
Ann Gillis was:
Portrait of William DemarestWilliam Demarest
Papa Doran
William Demarest was:
Portrait of Jackie SearlJackie Searl
Georgie Clemons
Jackie Searl was:
Portrait of Edith MeiserEdith Meiser
Jenny Sullivan (as Edith Meisser)
Edith Meiser was:
Portrait of John GallaudetJohn Gallaudet
Mickey Fadden
John Gallaudet was:
Portrait of William WrightWilliam Wright
Hank Landon
William Wright was:
Portrait of Charles D. BrownCharles D. Brown
Martin Carmichael
Charles D. Brown was:
Portrait of Norma VardenNorma Varden
Mrs. Lee
Norma Varden was:
Portrait of Kay LinakerKay Linaker
Mrs. Emily Colder
Kay Linaker was:
Portrait of Maude EburneMaude Eburne
Borax Betty
Maude Eburne was:
Portrait of Josephine WhittellJosephine Whittell
Helga Harris
Josephine Whittell was:
Portrait of Olive BlakeneyOlive Blakeney
Miss Treat
Olive Blakeney was:
Portrait of Karin BoothKarin Booth
Helen Trent (as Katharine Booth)
Karin Booth was:
Portrait of Trevor BardetteTrevor Bardette
Trevor Bardette was:
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