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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland

Release Date: Monday, December 18 1933 (88 years ago)
Portrait of Charlotte HenryCharlotte Henry
Charlotte Henry was:
Portrait of Richard ArlenRichard Arlen
Cheshire Cat
Richard Arlen was:
Portrait of Roscoe AtesRoscoe Ates
Roscoe Ates was:
Portrait of William AustinWilliam Austin
William Austin was:
Portrait of Gary CooperGary Cooper
White Knight
Gary Cooper was:
Portrait of Leon ErrolLeon Errol
Uncle Gilbert
Leon Errol was:
Portrait of Louise FazendaLouise Fazenda
White Queen
Louise Fazenda was:
Portrait of W.C. FieldsW.C. Fields
W.C. Fields was:
Portrait of Alec B. FrancisAlec B. Francis
King of Hearts
Alec B. Francis was:
Portrait of Richard 'Skeets' GallagherRichard 'Skeets' Gallagher
Richard 'Skeets' Gallagher was:
Portrait of Cary GrantCary Grant
Mock Turtle
Cary Grant was:
Portrait of Lillian HarmerLillian Harmer
Lillian Harmer was:
Portrait of Raymond HattonRaymond Hatton
Raymond Hatton was:
Portrait of Sterling HollowaySterling Holloway
Sterling Holloway was:
Portrait of Edward Everett HortonEdward Everett Horton
Mad Hatter
Edward Everett Horton was:
Portrait of Roscoe KarnsRoscoe Karns
Roscoe Karns was:
Portrait of Baby LeRoyBaby LeRoy
Baby LeRoy was:
Portrait of Mae MarshMae Marsh
Mae Marsh was:
Portrait of Polly MoranPolly Moran
Dodo Bird
Polly Moran was:
Portrait of Jack OakieJack Oakie
Jack Oakie was:
Portrait of Edna May OliverEdna May Oliver
Red Queen
Edna May Oliver was:
Portrait of May RobsonMay Robson
Queen Of Hearts
May Robson was:
Portrait of Charles RugglesCharles Ruggles
March Hare
Charles Ruggles was:
Portrait of Jackie SearlJackie Searl
Jackie Searl was:
Portrait of Alison SkipworthAlison Skipworth
Alison Skipworth was:
Portrait of Ned SparksNed Sparks
Ned Sparks was:
Portrait of Ford SterlingFord Sterling
White King
Ford Sterling was:
Portrait of Billy BartyBilly Barty
White Pawn / The Baby (uncredited)
Billy Barty was:
Portrait of Billy BevanBilly Bevan
Two of Spades (uncredited)
Billy Bevan was:
Portrait of Harry EkezianHarry Ekezian
First Executioner (uncredited)
Harry Ekezian was:
Portrait of Ethel GriffiesEthel Griffies
Miss Simpson (uncredited)
Ethel Griffies was:
Portrait of Colin KennyColin Kenny
The Clock (uncredited)
Colin Kenny was:
Portrait of Patsy O'ByrnePatsy O'Byrne
Aunt (uncredited)
Patsy O'Byrne was:
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