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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

You Can't Run Away from It

You Can't Run Away from It

Release Date: 1956-10-30 (64 years ago)
June Allyson
June Allyson was:
Jack Lemmon
Jack Lemmon was:
Charles Bickford
A.A. Andrews
Charles Bickford was:
Paul Gilbert
George Shapely
Paul Gilbert was:
Jim Backus
Jim Backus was:
Stubby Kaye
Fred Toten
Stubby Kaye was:
Henny Youngman
First driver
Henny Youngman was:
Allyn Joslyn
Joe Gordon, Editor
Allyn Joslyn was:
Jacques Scott
Jacques 'Jack' Ballarino
Jacques Scott was:
Walter Baldwin
1st Proprietor
Walter Baldwin was:
Byron Foulger
Billings, Andrews' Secretary
Byron Foulger was:
Richard H. Cutting
First Hotel Proprietor
Richard H. Cutting was:
Louise Beavers
Louise Beavers was:
Raymond Greenleaf
Raymond Greenleaf was:
Howard McNear
Vernon, Second proprietor
Howard McNear was:
Elvia Allman
Ma, Vernon's Wife
Elvia Allman was:
Edwin Chandler
TV Announcer
Edwin Chandler was:
Jack Albertson
Third Proprietor
Jack Albertson was:
Queenie Smith
Elderly Lady
Queenie Smith was:
William Forrest
Captain (replaced by Russell Hicks) (scenes deleted)
William Forrest was:
Frank Sully
Frank Sully was:
Dub Taylor
Dub Taylor was:
Steve Benton
Second Driver
Steve Benton was:
Bill Walker
Norville, the Butler
Bill Walker was:
Herb Vigran
Herb Vigran was:
Larry J. Blake
Larry J. Blake was:
Russell Hicks
Ship Captain (uncredited)
Russell Hicks was:
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