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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Out-of-Towners

The Out-of-Towners

Release Date: 1970-05-28 (51 years ago)
Jack Lemmon
George Kellerman
Jack Lemmon was:
Sandy Dennis
Gwen Kellerman
Sandy Dennis was:
Sandy Baron
Lenny Moyers
Sandy Baron was:
Anne Meara
Purse Snatching Victim in Police Station
Anne Meara was:
Robert Nichols
Robert Nichols was:
Ann Prentiss
Airline Stewardess
Ann Prentiss was:
Ron Carey
Barney Polacek, Cab Driver in Boston
Ron Carey was:
Philip Bruns
Officer Meyers
Philip Bruns was:
Graham Jarvis
Murray the mugger
Graham Jarvis was:
Carlos Montalbán
Manuel Vargas
Carlos Montalbán was:
Robert King
Agent in Boston
Robert King was:
Johnny Brown
Waiter in Train
Johnny Brown was:
Dolph Sweet
Police Sgt Kavalefski
Dolph Sweet was:
Thalmus Rasulala
Police Officer
Thalmus Rasulala was:
Jon Korkes
Jon Korkes was:
Robert Walden
Robert Walden was:
Dort Clark
Man on Train
Dort Clark was:
Richard Libertini
Baggage Man - Boston
Richard Libertini was:
Paul Dooley
Day Desk Clerk at Hotel
Paul Dooley was:
Anthony Holland
Desk Clerk Night
Anthony Holland was:
Billy Dee Williams
Clifford Robinson, Lost & Found Clerk
Billy Dee Williams was:
Bob Bennett
Man in Phone Booth - Boston
Bob Bennett was:
Paul Jabara
Hippie (uncredited)
Paul Jabara was:
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