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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Apartment

The Apartment

Release Date: 1960-06-21 (61 years ago)
Jack Lemmon
C.C. Baxter
Jack Lemmon was:
Shirley MacLaine
Fran Kubelik
Shirley MacLaine was:
Fred MacMurray
Jeff D. Sheldrake
Fred MacMurray was:
Ray Walston
Joe Dobisch
Ray Walston was:
Jack Kruschen
Dr. Dreyfuss
Jack Kruschen was:
David Lewis
Al Kirkeby
David Lewis was:
Hope Holiday
Mrs. Margie MacDougall
Hope Holiday was:
Joan Shawlee
Joan Shawlee was:
Naomi Stevens
Mrs. Mildred Dreyfuss
Naomi Stevens was:
Johnny Seven
Karl Matuschka
Johnny Seven was:
Joyce Jameson
The Blonde
Joyce Jameson was:
Willard Waterman
Mr. Vanderhoff
Willard Waterman was:
David White
Mr. Eichelberger
David White was:
Edie Adams
Miss Olsen
Edie Adams was:
Dorothy Abbott
Office Worker (uncredited)
Dorothy Abbott was:
Ralph Moratz
Office Worker (uncredited)
Ralph Moratz was:
Joe Palma
Office Maintenance Man (uncredited)
Joe Palma was:
Bill Baldwin
TV Movie Host (uncredited)
Bill Baldwin was:
Benny Burt
Charlie - Bartender (uncredited)
Benny Burt was:
Lynn Cartwright
Elevator Supervisor with Clicker (uncredited)
Lynn Cartwright was:
Mason Curry
Bit Part (uncredited)
Mason Curry was:
David Macklin
Messenger (uncredited)
David Macklin was:
Hal Smith
Man in Santa Claus Suit (uncredited)
Hal Smith was:
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