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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Short Cuts

Short Cuts

Release Date: 1993-09-05 (28 years ago)
Andie MacDowell
Ann Finnigan
Andie MacDowell was:
Bruce Davison
Howard Finnigan
Bruce Davison was:
Jack Lemmon
Paul Finnigan
Jack Lemmon was:
Zane Cassidy
Casey Finnigan
Zane Cassidy was:
Julianne Moore
Marian Wyman
Julianne Moore was:
Matthew Modine
Dr. Ralph Wyman
Matthew Modine was:
Anne Archer
Claire Kane
Anne Archer was:
Fred Ward
Stuart Kane
Fred Ward was:
Jennifer Jason Leigh
Lois Kaiser
Jennifer Jason Leigh was:
Chris Penn
Jerry Kaiser
Chris Penn was:
Joseph C. Hopkins
Joe Kaiser
Joseph C. Hopkins was:
Josette Maccario
Josette Kaiser
Josette Maccario was:
Lili Taylor
Honey Bush
Lili Taylor was:
Robert Downey Jr.
Bill Bush
Robert Downey Jr. was:
Madeleine Stowe
Sherri Shepard
Madeleine Stowe was:
Tim Robbins
Gene Shepard
Tim Robbins was:
Frances McDormand
Betty Weathers
Frances McDormand was:
Peter Gallagher
Stormy Weathers
Peter Gallagher was:
Austin Friel
Austin Shepard
Austin Friel was:
Dustin Friel
Will Shepard
Dustin Friel was:
Cassie Friel
Sandy Shepard
Cassie Friel was:
Lily Tomlin
Doreen Piggot
Lily Tomlin was:
Tom Waits
Earl Piggot
Tom Waits was:
Jarrett Lennon
Chad Weathers
Jarrett Lennon was:
Buck Henry
Gordon Johnson
Buck Henry was:
Huey Lewis
Vern Miller
Huey Lewis was:
Dirk Blocker
Diner Customer
Dirk Blocker was:
Alex Trebek
Alex Trebek was:
Jerry Dunphy
Jerry Dunphy was:
Lyle Lovett
Andy Bitkower
Lyle Lovett was:
Lori Singer
Zoe Trainer / Cello - The Trout Quintet
Lori Singer was:
Danny Darst
Aubrey Bell
Danny Darst was:
Annie Ross
Tess Trainer
Annie Ross was:
Robert DoQui
Knute Willis
Robert DoQui was:
Margery Bond
Dora Willis (as Margerie Bond)
Margery Bond was:
Darnell Williams
Joe Robbins
Darnell Williams was:
Michael Beach
Jim Stone
Michael Beach was:
Andi Chapman
Harriet Stone
Andi Chapman was:
Deborah Falconer
Deborah Falconer was:
Susie Cusack
Susie Cusack was:
Charles Rocket
Wally Littleton
Charles Rocket was:
Jane Alden
Mrs. Schwartzmeier
Jane Alden was:
Christian Altman
Jimmy Miller
Christian Altman was:
William H.D. Marlett
Jimmy's Friend
William H.D. Marlett was:
Suzanne Calvert
Tarmac Secretary
Suzanne Calvert was:
Natalie Strong
Natalie Strong was:
Jay Della
Jay Della was:
Jeri Gray
Club Owner (as Jeruth Persson)
Jeri Gray was:
Derek Webster
Joe Robbins' Pal
Derek Webster was:
Nathaniel Harris
Joe Robbins' Pal (as Nathaniel H. Harris III)
Nathaniel Harris was:
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