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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Save the Tiger

Save the Tiger

Release Date: 1973-02-14 (48 years ago)
Jack Lemmon
Harry Stoner
Jack Lemmon was:
Jack Gilford
Phil Greene
Jack Gilford was:
Laurie Heineman
Laurie Heineman was:
Norman Burton
Fred Mirrell
Norman Burton was:
Patricia Smith
Janet Stoner
Patricia Smith was:
Thayer David
Charlie Robbins
Thayer David was:
William Hansen
William Hansen was:
Harvey Jason
Harvey Jason was:
Liv Lindeland
Liv Lindeland was:
Lara Parker
Margo Duka
Lara Parker was:
Eloise Hardt
Eloise Hardt was:
Janina was:
Ned Glass
Sid Fivush
Ned Glass was:
Pearl Shear
Pearl Shear was:
Biff Elliot
Tiger Petitioner
Biff Elliot was:
Madeline Lee
Madeline Lee was:
Ben Freedman
Taxi Driver
Ben Freedman was:
Leoda Richards
Woman at Buyers' Show
Leoda Richards was:
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