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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in



Release Date: 1982-02-12 (39 years ago)
Jack Lemmon
Ed Horman
Jack Lemmon was:
Sissy Spacek
Beth Horman
Sissy Spacek was:
John Shea
Charles Horman
John Shea was:
Melanie Mayron
Terry Simon
Melanie Mayron was:
David Clennon
Consul Phil Putnam
David Clennon was:
Janice Rule
Kate Newman
Janice Rule was:
Charles Cioffi
Ray Tower
Charles Cioffi was:
Richard Venture
U.S. Ambassador
Richard Venture was:
Jerry Hardin
Sean Patrick
Jerry Hardin was:
Richard Bradford
Andrew Babcock
Richard Bradford was:
Joe Regalbuto
Frank Teruggi
Joe Regalbuto was:
Keith Szarabajka
David Holloway
Keith Szarabajka was:
John Doolittle
David McGeary
John Doolittle was:
Ward Costello
Ward Costello was:
Hansford Rowe
Hansford Rowe was:
Tina Romero
Tina Romero was:
Richard Whiting
Richard Whiting was:
Martin LaSalle
Martin LaSalle was:
Terence Nelson
Colonel Clay
Terence Nelson was:
Robert Hitt
Peter Chernin
Robert Hitt was:
Félix González
Félix González was:
María Eugenia Ríos
Mrs Duran
María Eugenia Ríos was:
Jorge Russek
Jorge Russek was:
Edna Necoechea
Edna Necoechea was:
Alan Penrith
Samuel Cross
Alan Penrith was:
Alex Camacho
Alex Camacho was:
Manuel Ávila Camacho
Doctor, Mental Hospital
Manuel Ávila Camacho was:
Kimberley Farr
Young Woman, Ford Foundation
Kimberley Farr was:
Elizabeth Cross
Elizabeth Cross was:
Piero Cross
Hotel Manager
Piero Cross was:
Gary Richardson
Operator, US Embassy
Gary Richardson was:
Josefina Echánove
Woman Doctor, Basement Ward
Josefina Echánove was:
Robert Johnstreet
Robert Johnstreet was:
Linda Spheeris
Woman, State Department
Linda Spheeris was:
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