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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Mass Appeal

Mass Appeal

Release Date: 1984-12-14 (36 years ago)
Jack Lemmon
Father Tim Farley
Jack Lemmon was:
Zeljko Ivanek
Mark Dolson
Zeljko Ivanek was:
Charles Durning
Monsignor Thomas Burke
Charles Durning was:
Louise Latham
Louise Latham was:
Alice Hirson
Mrs. Hart
Alice Hirson was:
Helene Heigh
Mrs. Hart's Mother
Helene Heigh was:
Sharee Gregory
Marion Hart
Sharee Gregory was:
James Ray
Father De Nicola
James Ray was:
Lois de Banzie
Mrs. Dolson
Lois de Banzie was:
Talia Balsam
Liz Dolson
Talia Balsam was:
Jerry Hardin
Mr. Dolson
Jerry Hardin was:
R.J. Williams
R.J. Williams was:
Noni White
Noni White was:
Gloria Stuart
Mrs. Curry
Gloria Stuart was:
Maggie Gwinn
Mrs. Quinn
Maggie Gwinn was:
F. William Parker
Mr. Hartigan
F. William Parker was:
John Vargas
Scott Alvarez
John Vargas was:
Fran Robinson
Fran Robinson was:
Richard Doyle
Faculty Member
Richard Doyle was:
Terry Wills
Bill Kelly
Terry Wills was:
Suzanne Kent
Mickey Kelly
Suzanne Kent was:
Christopher Carroll
Salvatore Fitzgerald
Christopher Carroll was:
John Devlin
Choir Leader
John Devlin was:
Ann Nelson
Miss Barber
Ann Nelson was:
John C. Becher
Mr. Jennings
John C. Becher was:
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