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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in



Release Date: 1991-12-20 (29 years ago)
Kevin Costner
Jim Garrison
Kevin Costner was:
Tommy Lee Jones
Clay Shaw / Clay Bertrand
Tommy Lee Jones was:
Gary Oldman
Lee Harvey Oswald
Gary Oldman was:
Kevin Bacon
Willie O'Keefe
Kevin Bacon was:
Michael Rooker
Bill Broussard
Michael Rooker was:
Jack Lemmon
Jack Martin
Jack Lemmon was:
Laurie Metcalf
Susie Cox
Laurie Metcalf was:
Sissy Spacek
Liz Garrison
Sissy Spacek was:
Joe Pesci
David Ferrie
Joe Pesci was:
John Candy
Dean Andrews
John Candy was:
Pruitt Taylor Vince
Lee Bowers
Pruitt Taylor Vince was:
Jay O. Sanders
Lou Ivon
Jay O. Sanders was:
Walter Matthau
Senator Long
Walter Matthau was:
Sally Kirkland
Rose Cheramie
Sally Kirkland was:
Donald Sutherland
Donald Sutherland was:
Ed Asner
Guy Bannister
Ed Asner was:
Brian Doyle-Murray
Jack Ruby
Brian Doyle-Murray was:
Ray LePere
Abraham Zapruder
Ray LePere was:
Vincent D'Onofrio
Bill Newman
Vincent D'Onofrio was:
Tom Howard
Lyndon B. Johnson
Tom Howard was:
Lolita Davidovich
Beverly Oliver
Lolita Davidovich was:
Jim Garrison
Earl Warren
Jim Garrison was:
Wayne Knight
Numa Bertel
Wayne Knight was:
Gary Grubbs
Al Oser
Gary Grubbs was:
Beata Pozniak
Marina Oswald
Beata Pozniak was:
Tony Plana
Carlos Bringuier
Tony Plana was:
John William Galt
L.B.J. (voice)
John William Galt was:
Ron Jackson
FBI Spokesman
Ron Jackson was:
Sean Stone
Jasper Garrison
Sean Stone was:
John S. Davies
Hobo #2
John S. Davies was:
Tomas Milian
Tomas Milian was:
Raul Aranas
Raul Aranas was:
Gail Cronauer
Janet Williams
Gail Cronauer was:
Gary Carter
Bill Williams
Gary Carter was:
James N. Harrell
Sam Holland
James N. Harrell was:
Ellen McElduff
Jean Hill
Ellen McElduff was:
Jo Anderson
Julia Ann Mercer
Jo Anderson was:
Marco Perella
Mercer Interrogator
Marco Perella was:
Edwin Neal
Mercer Interrogator
Edwin Neal was:
Darryl Cox
FBI Agent #2 with Hill
Darryl Cox was:
T.J. Kennedy
Hill Interrogator
T.J. Kennedy was:
J.J. Johnston
Mobster with Broussard
J.J. Johnston was:
R. Bruce Elliott
Bolton Ford Dealer
R. Bruce Elliott was:
William Larsen
Will Fritz
William Larsen was:
Wayne Tippit
FBI Agent - Frank
Wayne Tippit was:
Dale Dye
General Y
Dale Dye was:
Jerry Douglas
Board Room Man
Jerry Douglas was:
Ryan MacDonald
Board Room Man
Ryan MacDonald was:
Duane Grey
Board Room Man
Duane Grey was:
George R. Robertson
White House Man
George R. Robertson was:
Baxter Harris
White House Man
Baxter Harris was:
John Seitz
General Lemnitzer
John Seitz was:
Alex Rodine
White House Man
Alex Rodine was:
Sam Stoneburner
White House Man
Sam Stoneburner was:
Bob Gunton
TV Newsman #3
Bob Gunton was:
John P. Finnegan
Judge Haggerty
John P. Finnegan was:
Walter Breaux
Vernon Bundy
Walter Breaux was:
Melodee Bowman
FBI Receptionist
Melodee Bowman was:
Peter Maloney
Colonel Finck
Peter Maloney was:
Richard Rutowski
Fence Shooter
Richard Rutowski was:
Bill Bolender
Prisoner Powell
Bill Bolender was:
Price Carson
Price Carson was:
Gil Glasgow
Tippet Shooter
Gil Glasgow was:
Bob Orwig
Officer Poe
Bob Orwig was:
Hugh Feagin
Dr. Rose (credited on Director's Cut)
Hugh Feagin was:
George Kelly
Jerry Johnson's Sidekick (credited on Director's Cut)
George Kelly was:
Victor Kempster
Samuel (credited on Director's Cut)
Victor Kempster was:
John Larroquette
Jerry Johnson (credited on Director's Cut)
John Larroquette was:
Maria Mason
Garrison's Secretary (credited in Director's Cut)
Maria Mason was:
Ron Rifkin
Mr. Goldberg / Spiesel (credited on Director's Cut)
Ron Rifkin was:
Frank Whaley
Oswald Imposter (credited on Director's Cut)
Frank Whaley was:
Kevin Beard
Kevin Beard was:
Jeffrey Bornstein
Hitman (uncredited)
Jeffrey Bornstein was:
Marie Del Marco
Secretary in Window (uncredited)
Marie Del Marco was:
Alan Donnes
Reporter (uncredited)
Alan Donnes was:
Orlando Gallegos
Plaza Witness (uncredited)
Orlando Gallegos was:
Robert J. Groden
Courtroom Projectionist (uncredited)
Robert J. Groden was:
Chuck Kelley
Dallas County Sherriff (uncredited)
Chuck Kelley was:
Codie Scott
Man in Court (uncredited)
Codie Scott was:
Martin Sheen
Narrator (voice) (uncredited)
Martin Sheen was:
John F. Kennedy
Himself (archive footage)
John F. Kennedy was:
Anthony Ramirez
Anthony Ramirez was:
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