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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

It Happened to Jane

It Happened to Jane

Release Date: 1959-05-24 (62 years ago)
Doris Day
Jane Osgood
Doris Day was:
Jack Lemmon
George Denham
Jack Lemmon was:
Ernie Kovacs
Harry Foster Malone
Ernie Kovacs was:
Steve Forrest
Larry Hall
Steve Forrest was:
Teddy Rooney
Billy Osgood
Teddy Rooney was:
Russ Brown
Uncle Otis
Russ Brown was:
Walter Greaza
Crawford Sloan
Walter Greaza was:
Parker Fennelly
Homer Bean
Parker Fennelly was:
Mary Wickes
Matilda Runyon
Mary Wickes was:
Philip Coolidge
Wilbur Peterson
Philip Coolidge was:
Max Showalter
Selwyn Harris
Max Showalter was:
John Cecil Holm
Aaron Caldwell
John Cecil Holm was:
Gina Gillespie
Betty Osgood
Gina Gillespie was:
Dick Crockett
Clarence Runyon
Dick Crockett was:
Napoleon Whiting
Eugene - Waiter
Napoleon Whiting was:
Garry Moore
Garry Moore
Garry Moore was:
Dave Garroway
Dave Garroway
Dave Garroway was:
Bill Cullen
Bill Cullen
Bill Cullen was:
Jayne Meadows
Jayne Meadows
Jayne Meadows was:
Henry Morgan
Henry Morgan
Henry Morgan was:
Robert Paige
Robert Paige
Robert Paige was:
Betsy Palmer
Betsy Palmer
Betsy Palmer was:
Steve McCormick
TV Newsman
Steve McCormick was:
Jack Carter
Stenographer (uncredited)
Jack Carter was:
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