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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Good Neighbor Sam

Good Neighbor Sam

Release Date: 1964-07-22 (57 years ago)
Jack Lemmon
Sam Bissel
Jack Lemmon was:
Romy Schneider
Janet Lagerlof
Romy Schneider was:
Dorothy Provine
Minerva Bissel
Dorothy Provine was:
Mike Connors
Howard Ebbets (as Michael Connors)
Mike Connors was:
Edward Andrews
Mr. Burke
Edward Andrews was:
Louis Nye
Reinhold Shiffner
Louis Nye was:
Robert Q. Lewis
Robert Q. Lewis was:
Joyce Jameson
Hotel Prostitute
Joyce Jameson was:
Anne Seymour
Anne Seymour was:
Charles Lane
Jack Bailey
Charles Lane was:
Linda Watkins
Edna Bailey
Linda Watkins was:
Peter Hobbs
Phil Reisner
Peter Hobbs was:
Tris Coffin
Sonny Blatchford
Tris Coffin was:
Neil Hamilton
Larry Boling
Neil Hamilton was:
Riza Royce
Miss Halverson
Riza Royce was:
William Forrest
Millard Mellner
William Forrest was:
Edward G. Robinson
Simon Nurdlinger
Edward G. Robinson was:
Vicki Cos
Jenna Bissel (uncredited)
Vicki Cos was:
Kym Karath
Denise Bissell (uncredited)
Kym Karath was:
Bess Flowers
Mrs. Burke (uncredited)
Bess Flowers was:
Elsie Baker
Mrs. Nurdlinger (uncredited)
Elsie Baker was:
Quinn O'Hara
Marsha (uncredited)
Quinn O'Hara was:
Aneta Corsaut
Fran (uncredited)
Aneta Corsaut was:
Bernie Kopell
Richard Taragon (uncredited)
Bernie Kopell was:
Jim Bannon
Policeman (uncredited)
Jim Bannon was:
George Blagoi
Nurdlinger Servant (uncredited)
George Blagoi was:
Barbara Bouchet
Receptionist (uncredited)
Barbara Bouchet was:
Jan Brooks
Gloria (uncredited)
Jan Brooks was:
William Bryant
Hausner (uncredited)
William Bryant was:
Richard Hale
Mr. Vernier (uncredited)
Richard Hale was:
Joel Fluellen
Judge (uncredited)
Joel Fluellen was:
Colin Kenny
Nurdlinger Servant (uncredited)
Colin Kenny was:
David Ketchum
Dave (uncredited)
David Ketchum was:
George Savalas
Truck Driver (uncredited)
George Savalas was:
Norman Stevans
Advertising Agency Executive (uncredited)
Norman Stevans was:
David Swift
TV Director (uncredited)
David Swift was:
Hal Taggart
McVale (uncredited)
Hal Taggart was:
Patrick Waltz
Wyeth (uncredited)
Patrick Waltz was:
Harlan Warde
Mr. Anderson (uncredited)
Harlan Warde was:
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