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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Bell, Book and Candle

Bell, Book and Candle

Release Date: 1958-12-25 (62 years ago)
James Stewart
Shep Henderson
James Stewart was:
Kim Novak
Gil Holroyd
Kim Novak was:
Jack Lemmon
Nicky Holroyd
Jack Lemmon was:
Ernie Kovacs
Sidney Redlitch
Ernie Kovacs was:
Hermione Gingold
Bianca de Passe
Hermione Gingold was:
Elsa Lanchester
Aunt Queenie Holroyd
Elsa Lanchester was:
Janice Rule
Merle Kittridge
Janice Rule was:
Philippe Clay
French Singer at the Zodiac Club
Philippe Clay was:
Bek Nelson
Bek Nelson was:
Howard McNear
Andy White
Howard McNear was:
Fred Aldrich
Mover (uncredited)
Fred Aldrich was:
Leon Alton
Club Patron (uncredited)
Leon Alton was:
Monty Ash
Herb Store Owner (uncredited)
Monty Ash was:
Alex Ball
Club Patron (uncredited)
Alex Ball was:
Joe Barry
Exterminator (uncredited)
Joe Barry was:
Wolfe Barzell
Zodiac Club Proprietor (uncredited)
Wolfe Barzell was:
Gail Bonney
Betty - Merle's Maid (uncredited)
Gail Bonney was:
Don Brodie
Cab Driver (uncredited)
Don Brodie was:
Robert Haines
Club Patron (uncredited)
Robert Haines was:
James Lanphier
Waldo (uncredited)
James Lanphier was:
Perk Lazelle
Club Patron (uncredited)
Perk Lazelle was:
Ted Mapes
Gillian's Customer (uncredited)
Ted Mapes was:
Hans Moebus
Club Patron (uncredited)
Hans Moebus was:
Ollie O'Toole
Elevator Operator (uncredited)
Ollie O'Toole was:
John Truax
Cab Driver (uncredited)
John Truax was:
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