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Release Date: 1972-12-17 (48 years ago)
Jack Lemmon
Wendell Armbruster, Jr.
Jack Lemmon was:
Juliet Mills
Pamela Piggott
Juliet Mills was:
Clive Revill
Carlo Carlucci
Clive Revill was:
Edward Andrews
J.J. Blodgett
Edward Andrews was:
Gianfranco Barra
Gianfranco Barra was:
Franco Angrisano
Arnoldo Trotta
Franco Angrisano was:
Pippo Franco
Pippo Franco was:
Franco Acampora
Armando Trotta
Franco Acampora was:
Giselda Castrini
Giselda Castrini was:
Raffaele Mottola
Passport Officer
Raffaele Mottola was:
Lino Coletta
Lino Coletta was:
Harry Ray
Dr. Fleischmann
Harry Ray was:
Guidarino Guidi
Maitre D'
Guidarino Guidi was:
Giacomo Rizzo
Giacomo Rizzo was:
Antonino Faà di Bruno
Concierge (as Antonino Faa' Di Bruno)
Antonino Faà di Bruno was:
Yanti Somer
Nurse (as Yanti Sommer)
Yanti Somer was:
Janet Ågren
Janet Ågren was:
María Rosa Sclauzero
María Rosa Sclauzero was:
Melù Valente
Hostess (as Melu' Valente)
Melù Valente was:
Aldo Rendine
Aldo Rendine was:
Bruno Alias
Man at Airport (uncredited)
Bruno Alias was:
Sergio Bruni
Singer Sergio Bruni (uncredited)
Sergio Bruni was:
Pasquale Campagnola
Police commissioner (uncredited)
Pasquale Campagnola was:
Lella Cattaneo
Hotel Guest (uncredited)
Lella Cattaneo was:
Nestore Cavaricci
Male Nurse (uncredited)
Nestore Cavaricci was:
Enrico Cesaretti
Man at Airport (uncredited)
Enrico Cesaretti was:
Armando De Martino
Alberto Trotta (uncredited)
Armando De Martino was:
Giorgio Dolfin
Waiter (uncredited)
Giorgio Dolfin was:
Andrea Esterhazy
Hotel Guest (uncredited)
Andrea Esterhazy was:
Ferruccio Fregonese
Man at Aiport (uncredited)
Ferruccio Fregonese was:
Ettore Geri
Airplane Passenger (uncredited)
Ettore Geri was:
Armando Giovagnoli
Baron Von Schmetterling (uncredited)
Armando Giovagnoli was:
Ty Hardin
Helicopter Pilot (uncredited)
Ty Hardin was:
Margherita Horowitz
Hotel Guest (uncredited)
Margherita Horowitz was:
Silvio Klein
Man at Airport (uncredited)
Silvio Klein was:
Alba Maiolini
Woman at Airport (uncredited)
Alba Maiolini was:
Giuseppe Marrocco
Commissionaire (uncredited)
Giuseppe Marrocco was:
Anna Maria Perego
Woman at Hotel (uncredited)
Anna Maria Perego was:
Luigi Scavran
Sommelier (uncredited)
Luigi Scavran was:
Pupita Lea Scuderoni
Airline Passenger (uncredited)
Pupita Lea Scuderoni was:
Maria Tedeschi
Hotel Guest (uncredited)
Maria Tedeschi was:
Giuseppe Terranova
Commissionaire (uncredited)
Giuseppe Terranova was:
Bruno Tocci
Police Escort (uncredited)
Bruno Tocci was:
Sandra Wolff
Airplane Passenger (uncredited)
Sandra Wolff was:
Lidia Zanussi
Hotel Guest (uncredited)
Lidia Zanussi was:
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