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Poster of Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar

Release Date: Sunday, February 11 1979 (43 years ago)
Portrait of Richard PascoRichard Pasco
Marcus Brutus
Richard Pasco was:
Portrait of Charles GrayCharles Gray
Julius Caesar
Charles Gray was:
Portrait of Keith MichellKeith Michell
Marcus Antonius
Keith Michell was:
Portrait of David CollingsDavid Collings
David Collings was:
Portrait of Virginia McKennaVirginia McKenna
Virginia McKenna was:
Portrait of Elizabeth SpriggsElizabeth Spriggs
Elizabeth Spriggs was:
Portrait of Sam DastorSam Dastor
Sam Dastor was:
Portrait of Jon LaurimoreJon Laurimore
Jon Laurimore was:
Portrait of John SterlandJohn Sterland
John Sterland was:
Portrait of Garrick HagonGarrick Hagon
Octavius Caesar
Garrick Hagon was:
Portrait of Brian CoburnBrian Coburn
Brian Coburn was:
Portrait of Leonard PrestonLeonard Preston
Leonard Preston was:
Portrait of Alexander DavionAlexander Davion
Decius Brutus
Alexander Davion was:
Portrait of Darien AngadiDarien Angadi
Darien Angadi was:
Portrait of Andrew HiltonAndrew Hilton
Andrew Hilton was:
Portrait of Anthony DawesAnthony Dawes
Anthony Dawes was:
Portrait of Roger BizleyRoger Bizley
Roger Bizley was:
Portrait of Manning WilsonManning Wilson
Manning Wilson was:
Portrait of Ronald ForfarRonald Forfar
Ronald Forfar was:
Portrait of Patrick MarleyPatrick Marley
Patrick Marley was:
Portrait of William SimonsWilliam Simons
William Simons was:
Portrait of John TordoffJohn Tordoff
Cinna the Poet
John Tordoff was:
Portrait of Philip YorkPhilip York
Young Cato
Philip York was:
Portrait of Christopher GoodChristopher Good
Christopher Good was:
Portrait of Robert OatesRobert Oates
Robert Oates was:
Portrait of Alan ThompsonAlan Thompson
1st Citizen / 1st Plebeian
Alan Thompson was:
Portrait of Leo DolanLeo Dolan
2nd Citizen / 2nd Plebeian
Leo Dolan was:
Portrait of Johnnie WadeJohnnie Wade
1st Soldier / 3rd Plebeian
Johnnie Wade was:
Portrait of David HenryDavid Henry
2nd Soldier / 4th Plebeian
David Henry was:
Portrait of Jonathan Scott-TaylorJonathan Scott-Taylor
Jonathan Scott-Taylor was:
Portrait of Tom KellyTom Kelly
Claudius / Antony's Servant
Tom Kelly was:
Portrait of Jack ElliottJack Elliott
Octavius' Servant / Messenger
Jack Elliott was:
Portrait of Michael CoganMichael Cogan
Caesar's Servant
Michael Cogan was:
Portrait of Reginald JessupReginald Jessup
Reginald Jessup was:
Portrait of Maurice ThorogoodMaurice Thorogood
Maurice Thorogood was:
Portrait of Michael GreatorexMichael Greatorex
Michael Greatorex was:
Portrait of Nicholas GecksNicholas Gecks
Nicholas Gecks was:
Portrait of Michael JenkinsonMichael Jenkinson
Michael Jenkinson was:
Portrait of Roy SpencerRoy Spencer
Roy Spencer was:
Portrait of Terence ConoleyTerence Conoley
Terence Conoley was:
Portrait of Noel JohnsonNoel Johnson
Noel Johnson was:
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