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Poster of Three Husbands

Three Husbands

Release Date: Friday, November 10 1950 (72 years ago)
Portrait of Eve ArdenEve Arden
Lucille McCabe
Eve Arden was:
Portrait of Ruth WarrickRuth Warrick
Jane Evans
Ruth Warrick was:
Portrait of Vanessa BrownVanessa Brown
Mary Whittaker
Vanessa Brown was:
Portrait of Howard Da SilvaHoward Da Silva
Dan McCabe
Howard Da Silva was:
Portrait of Shepperd StrudwickShepperd Strudwick
Arthur Evans
Shepperd Strudwick was:
Portrait of Robert KarnesRobert Karnes
Kenneth Whittaker
Robert Karnes was:
Portrait of Emlyn WilliamsEmlyn Williams
Maxwell Bard
Emlyn Williams was:
Portrait of Billie BurkeBillie Burke
Mrs. Jenny Bard Whittaker
Billie Burke was:
Portrait of Louise EricksonLouise Erickson
Matilda Clegg
Louise Erickson was:
Portrait of Jonathan HaleJonathan Hale
Edward Wurdeman - Attorney at Law
Jonathan Hale was:
Portrait of Jane DarwellJane Darwell
Mrs. Wurdeman
Jane Darwell was:
Portrait of Ralph BrooksRalph Brooks
Movie House Patron (uncredited)
Ralph Brooks was:
Portrait of Frank CadyFrank Cady
Elevator Operator (uncredited)
Frank Cady was:
Portrait of Philip CareyPhilip Carey
Officer McCarthy (uncredited)
Philip Carey was:
Portrait of Jack ChefeJack Chefe
Movie House Patron (uncredited)
Jack Chefe was:
Portrait of John DierkesJohn Dierkes
Night Court Judge (uncredited)
John Dierkes was:
Portrait of Richard FlatoRichard Flato
Waiter (uncredited)
Richard Flato was:
Portrait of Benson FongBenson Fong
George - the Butler (uncredited)
Benson Fong was:
Portrait of Alvin HammerAlvin Hammer
Seedy Little Man - Tout (uncredited)
Alvin Hammer was:
Portrait of Tom HanlonTom Hanlon
Race Track Announcer (uncredited)
Tom Hanlon was:
Portrait of Jerry HausnerJerry Hausner
Joe - the Bartender (uncredited)
Jerry Hausner was:
Portrait of Jill KraftJill Kraft
Miss Reynolds - Receptionist (uncredited)
Jill Kraft was:
Portrait of Maurice MarsacMaurice Marsac
Frenchman in Movie (uncredited)
Maurice Marsac was:
Portrait of Marta MitrovichMarta Mitrovich
Mary - Secretary (uncredited)
Marta Mitrovich was:
Portrait of Ralph PetersRalph Peters
First Policeman (uncredited)
Ralph Peters was:
Portrait of Stanley PragerStanley Prager
Sharpy - Tout (uncredited)
Stanley Prager was:
Portrait of Gabrielle RossillonGabrielle Rossillon
French Girl in Movie (uncredited)
Gabrielle Rossillon was:
Portrait of Dorothy VaughanDorothy Vaughan
Maid (uncredited)
Dorothy Vaughan was:
Portrait of Dorothea WolbertDorothea Wolbert
Cleaning Woman (uncredited)
Dorothea Wolbert was:
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