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Poster of The Underworld Story

The Underworld Story

Release Date: Wednesday, July 26 1950 (72 years ago)
Portrait of Dan DuryeaDan Duryea
Mike Reese
Dan Duryea was:
Portrait of Herbert MarshallHerbert Marshall
E.J. Stanton
Herbert Marshall was:
Portrait of Gale StormGale Storm
Catherine Harris
Gale Storm was:
Portrait of Howard Da SilvaHoward Da Silva
Carl Durham
Howard Da Silva was:
Portrait of Michael O'SheaMichael O'Shea
Ralph Munsey
Michael O'Shea was:
Portrait of Mary AndersonMary Anderson
Molly Rankin
Mary Anderson was:
Portrait of Gar MooreGar Moore
Clark Stanton
Gar Moore was:
Portrait of Melville CooperMelville Cooper
Major Redford
Melville Cooper was:
Portrait of Frieda InescortFrieda Inescort
Mrs. Eldridge
Frieda Inescort was:
Portrait of Art BakerArt Baker
Lieutenant Tilton
Art Baker was:
Portrait of Harry ShannonHarry Shannon
George Parker
Harry Shannon was:
Portrait of Alan Hale Jr.Alan Hale Jr.
Alan Hale Jr. was:
Portrait of Stephen DunneStephen Dunne
Chuck Lee
Stephen Dunne was:
Portrait of Roland WintersRoland Winters
Stanley Becker
Roland Winters was:
Portrait of Sue EnglandSue England
Sue England was:
Portrait of Frances ChaneyFrances Chaney
Grace Calvin
Frances Chaney was:
Portrait of Ned GlassNed Glass
Atlas News Service Editor (uncredited)
Ned Glass was:
Portrait of Jay AdlerJay Adler
Munsey's Assistant (uncredited)
Jay Adler was:
Portrait of Phil ArnoldPhil Arnold
Gus the Waiter (uncredited)
Phil Arnold was:
Portrait of Sam BalterSam Balter
Newscaster (uncredited)
Sam Balter was:
Portrait of Stanley BlystoneStanley Blystone
Policeman (uncredited)
Stanley Blystone was:
Portrait of Paul BryarPaul Bryar
Helen's Father (uncredited)
Paul Bryar was:
Portrait of Robert CooganRobert Coogan
Henchman (uncredited)
Robert Coogan was:
Portrait of Jean DeanJean Dean
E. J. Stanton's Secretary (uncredited)
Jean Dean was:
Portrait of Douglas EvansDouglas Evans
Newscaster (uncredited)
Douglas Evans was:
Portrait of Dick FooteDick Foote
Policeman (uncredited)
Dick Foote was:
Portrait of Sam HarrisSam Harris
Mourner at Funeral (uncredited)
Sam Harris was:
Portrait of Harry HarveyHarry Harvey
Mr. Lister (uncredited)
Harry Harvey was:
Portrait of Teddy InfuhrTeddy Infuhr
Johnny (uncredited)
Teddy Infuhr was:
Portrait of Don McGuireDon McGuire
Reporter in Bar (uncredited)
Don McGuire was:
Portrait of Tom MonroeTom Monroe
Durham's Hood (uncredited)
Tom Monroe was:
Portrait of Jack MowerJack Mower
Diane Stewart's Father at Funeral (uncredited)
Jack Mower was:
Portrait of Mary NewtonMary Newton
Sidewalk Gossip (uncredited)
Mary Newton was:
Portrait of William J. O'BrienWilliam J. O'Brien
Townsman on Street / In Coffee Shop (uncredited)
William J. O'Brien was:
Portrait of Eddie ParksEddie Parks
Mr. Mullins - Sign Painter (uncredited)
Eddie Parks was:
Portrait of Carl SkloverCarl Sklover
Howard George 'Turk' Meyers (uncredited)
Carl Sklover was:
Portrait of Bert StevensBert Stevens
Reporter at Cemetery (uncredited)
Bert Stevens was:
Portrait of Harry StrangHarry Strang
Police Sergeant (uncredited)
Harry Strang was:
Portrait of Edward Van SloanEdward Van Sloan
Minister at Funeral (uncredited)
Edward Van Sloan was:
Portrait of Charles EvansCharles Evans
Harvey Eldridge (uncredited)
Charles Evans was:
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