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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of The Omaha Trail

The Omaha Trail

Release Date: Tuesday, September 1 1942 (80 years ago)
Portrait of James CraigJames Craig
Patrick Terence "Pat" Candel
James Craig was:
Portrait of Pamela BlakePamela Blake
Julie Santley
Pamela Blake was:
Portrait of Dean JaggerDean Jagger
'Pipestone' Ross
Dean Jagger was:
Portrait of Edward EllisEdward Ellis
Mr. Vane
Edward Ellis was:
Portrait of Chill WillsChill Wills
Henry Hawkins
Chill Wills was:
Portrait of Donald MeekDonald Meek
Engineer Jonah McCleod
Donald Meek was:
Portrait of Howard Da SilvaHoward Da Silva
Ben Santley
Howard Da Silva was:
Portrait of Harry MorganHarry Morgan
Henchman Nat
Harry Morgan was:
Portrait of Morris AnkrumMorris Ankrum
Henchman Job
Morris Ankrum was:
Portrait of Joe YuleJoe Yule
Joe Yule was:
Portrait of Fred AldrichFred Aldrich
Oxen Train Bullwhacker
Fred Aldrich was:
Portrait of Iron Eyes CodyIron Eyes Cody
1st Friendly Indian
Iron Eyes Cody was:
Portrait of J.W. CodyJ.W. Cody
2nd Friendly Indian
J.W. Cody was:
Portrait of Al FergusonAl Ferguson
Oxen Owner
Al Ferguson was:
Portrait of Harry FleischmannHarry Fleischmann
Harry Fleischmann was:
Portrait of Bud GearyBud Geary
Oxen Train Bullwhacker
Bud Geary was:
Portrait of Ethan LaidlawEthan Laidlaw
Oxen Train Bullwhacker
Ethan Laidlaw was:
Portrait of Edward HearnEdward Hearn
Man without Oxen to Sell
Edward Hearn was:
Portrait of Tom LondonTom London
Oxen Train Bullwhacker
Tom London was:
Portrait of Murdock MacQuarrieMurdock MacQuarrie
Oxen Owner
Murdock MacQuarrie was:
Portrait of John MaxwellJohn Maxwell
John Maxwell was:
Portrait of Kermit MaynardKermit Maynard
Silent Card-Player
Kermit Maynard was:
Portrait of Robert Emmett O'ConnorRobert Emmett O'Connor
Oxen Owner (uncredited)
Robert Emmett O'Connor was:
Portrait of Henry RoquemoreHenry Roquemore
The Barber
Henry Roquemore was:
Portrait of Henry SylvesterHenry Sylvester
Storekeeper Selling Gun
Henry Sylvester was:
Portrait of Jack LorenzJack Lorenz
Oxen Train Bullwhacker
Jack Lorenz was:
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