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Poster of M


Release Date: Thursday, March 1 1951 (72 years ago)
Portrait of David WayneDavid Wayne
Martin W. Harrow
David Wayne was:
Portrait of Howard Da SilvaHoward Da Silva
Inspector Carney
Howard Da Silva was:
Portrait of Luther AdlerLuther Adler
Dan Langley
Luther Adler was:
Portrait of Martin GabelMartin Gabel
Charlie Marshall
Martin Gabel was:
Portrait of Steve BrodieSteve Brodie
Police Lt. Becker
Steve Brodie was:
Portrait of Raymond BurrRaymond Burr
Raymond Burr was:
Portrait of Glenn AndersGlenn Anders
Glenn Anders was:
Portrait of Karen MorleyKaren Morley
Mrs. Coster
Karen Morley was:
Portrait of Norman LloydNorman Lloyd
Norman Lloyd was:
Portrait of John MiljanJohn Miljan
Blind Baloon Vendor
John Miljan was:
Portrait of Walter BurkeWalter Burke
Walter Burke was:
Portrait of Roy EngelRoy Engel
Police Chief Regan
Roy Engel was:
Portrait of Benny BurtBenny Burt
Benny Burt was:
Portrait of Leonard BremenLeonard Bremen
Lemke (as Lennie Bremen)
Leonard Bremen was:
Portrait of Jim BackusJim Backus
The Mayor
Jim Backus was:
Portrait of Janine PerreauJanine Perreau
The Last Little Girl
Janine Perreau was:
Portrait of Frances KarathFrances Karath
Little Girl in Hallway
Frances Karath was:
Portrait of Robin FletcherRobin Fletcher
Elsie Coster
Robin Fletcher was:
Portrait of Bernard SzoldBernard Szold
Bradbury Bldg. Watchman
Bernard Szold was:
Portrait of Jorja CurtrightJorja Curtright
Mrs. Stewart
Jorja Curtright was:
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