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Poster of Garbo Talks

Garbo Talks

Release Date: Friday, October 12 1984 (38 years ago)
Portrait of Anne BancroftAnne Bancroft
Estelle Rolfe
Anne Bancroft was:
Portrait of Ron SilverRon Silver
Gilbert Rolfe
Ron Silver was:
Portrait of Carrie FisherCarrie Fisher
Lisa Rolfe
Carrie Fisher was:
Portrait of Catherine HicksCatherine Hicks
Jane Mortimer
Catherine Hicks was:
Portrait of Steven HillSteven Hill
Walter Rolfe
Steven Hill was:
Portrait of Howard Da SilvaHoward Da Silva
Angelo Dakakis
Howard Da Silva was:
Portrait of Dorothy LoudonDorothy Loudon
Sonya Apollinar
Dorothy Loudon was:
Portrait of Harvey FiersteinHarvey Fierstein
Bernie Whitlock
Harvey Fierstein was:
Portrait of Hermione GingoldHermione Gingold
Elizabeth Rennick
Hermione Gingold was:
Portrait of Richard B. ShullRichard B. Shull
Shepard Plotkin
Richard B. Shull was:
Portrait of Michael LombardMichael Lombard
Mr. Morganelli
Michael Lombard was:
Portrait of Ed CrowleyEd Crowley
Mr. Goldhammer
Ed Crowley was:
Portrait of Alice SpivakAlice Spivak
Claire Rolfe
Alice Spivak was:
Portrait of Maurice StermanMaurice Sterman
Dr. Cohen
Maurice Sterman was:
Portrait of Antonia ReyAntonia Rey
Antonia Rey was:
Portrait of Court MillerCourt Miller
'Romeo and Juliet' Director
Court Miller was:
Portrait of Denny DillonDenny Dillon
Denny Dillon was:
Portrait of Karen ShalloKaren Shallo
Karen Shallo was:
Portrait of Max AlexanderMax Alexander
Roger Kellerman
Max Alexander was:
Portrait of Peter GumenyPeter Gumeny
Arrest Officer
Peter Gumeny was:
Portrait of Stephen BurksStephen Burks
Black Officer
Stephen Burks was:
Portrait of Tony DiBenedettoTony DiBenedetto
Construction Worker #1
Tony DiBenedetto was:
Portrait of Burtt HarrisBurtt Harris
Construction Worker #2
Burtt Harris was:
Portrait of Mervyn NelsonMervyn Nelson
Movie Shop Owner
Mervyn Nelson was:
Portrait of John RingJohn Ring
Garbo Doorman
John Ring was:
Portrait of Anne GartlanAnne Gartlan
Garbo Maid
Anne Gartlan was:
Portrait of José Angel SantanaJosé Angel Santana
Sanchez / Orderly
José Angel Santana was:
Portrait of Jennifer OgdenJennifer Ogden
2nd Nurse
Jennifer Ogden was:
Portrait of David HammilDavid Hammil
Ferry Conductor
David Hammil was:
Portrait of Roderick CookRoderick Cook
Von Klammer
Roderick Cook was:
Portrait of Mary McDonnellMary McDonnell
Lady Capulet
Mary McDonnell was:
Portrait of Leila DanetteLeila Danette
Leila Danette was:
Portrait of Nadine DarlingNadine Darling
Flea Market Saleslady #1
Nadine Darling was:
Portrait of Joan DeMarraisJoan DeMarrais
Flea Market Saleslady #2
Joan DeMarrais was:
Portrait of Ethel BeattyEthel Beatty
Lady in Jail
Ethel Beatty was:
Portrait of Adolph GreenAdolph Green
Adolph Green was:
Portrait of Arthur Schlesinger Jr.Arthur Schlesinger Jr.
Arthur Schlesinger Jr. was:
Portrait of Didi D'ErricoDidi D'Errico
Actor's Equity Receptionist
Didi D'Errico was:
Portrait of Harry MadsenHarry Madsen
Delivery Man
Harry Madsen was:
Portrait of Betty ComdenBetty Comden
Garbo (uncredited)
Betty Comden was:
Portrait of Van KaplanVan Kaplan
Photographer (uncredited)
Van Kaplan was:
Portrait of Christine ParksChristine Parks
Dalmatian Lady (uncredited)
Christine Parks was:
Portrait of Charles PendeltonCharles Pendelton
Construction Worker (uncredited)
Charles Pendelton was:
Portrait of Cy ColemanCy Coleman
Self (uncredited)
Cy Coleman was:
Portrait of Michael MustoMichael Musto
Self (uncredited)
Michael Musto was:
Portrait of George PlimptonGeorge Plimpton
Self (uncredited)
George Plimpton was:
Portrait of Stephen M. SilvermanStephen M. Silverman
Self (uncredited)
Stephen M. Silverman was:
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