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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of The Secret of Convict Lake

The Secret of Convict Lake

Release Date: Sunday, July 29 1951 (71 years ago)
Portrait of Glenn FordGlenn Ford
Jim Canfield
Glenn Ford was:
Portrait of Gene TierneyGene Tierney
Marcia Stoddard
Gene Tierney was:
Portrait of Ethel BarrymoreEthel Barrymore
Ethel Barrymore was:
Portrait of Zachary ScottZachary Scott
Johnny Greer
Zachary Scott was:
Portrait of Ann DvorakAnn Dvorak
Rachel Schaeffer
Ann Dvorak was:
Portrait of Barbara BatesBarbara Bates
Barbara Purcell
Barbara Bates was:
Portrait of Cyril CusackCyril Cusack
Edward "Limey" Cockerell
Cyril Cusack was:
Portrait of Richard HyltonRichard Hylton
Clyde Maxwell
Richard Hylton was:
Portrait of Helen WestcottHelen Westcott
Susan Haggerty
Helen Westcott was:
Portrait of Jeanette NolanJeanette Nolan
Harriet Purcell
Jeanette Nolan was:
Portrait of Ruth DonnellyRuth Donnelly
Mary Fancher
Ruth Donnelly was:
Portrait of Harry CarterHarry Carter
Rudy Schaeffer
Harry Carter was:
Portrait of Mary CarrollMary Carroll
Millie Gower (uncredited)
Mary Carroll was:
Portrait of Charles FlynnCharles Flynn
Steve Gower (uncredited)
Charles Flynn was:
Portrait of Raymond GreenleafRaymond Greenleaf
Tom Fancher (uncredited)
Raymond Greenleaf was:
Portrait of Jack LambertJack Lambert
Matt Anderson (uncredited)
Jack Lambert was:
Portrait of William F. LeicesterWilliam F. Leicester
Luke Haggerty (uncredited)
William F. Leicester was:
Portrait of Tom LondonTom London
Jerry - Posse Member (uncredited)
Tom London was:
Portrait of Dale RobertsonDale Robertson
Narrator (Voice) (uncredited)
Dale Robertson was:
Portrait of Houseley StevensonHouseley Stevenson
Samuel 'Pawnee Sam' Barlow (uncredited)
Houseley Stevenson was:
Portrait of Bernard SzoldBernard Szold
Bartender (uncredited)
Bernard Szold was:
Portrait of Ray TealRay Teal
Sheriff Cromwell (uncredited)
Ray Teal was:
Portrait of Max WagnerMax Wagner
Jack Purcell (uncredited)
Max Wagner was:
Portrait of Forrest BurnsForrest Burns
Minor Role (uncredited)
Forrest Burns was:
Portrait of Pat CombsPat Combs
Minor Role (uncredited)
Pat Combs was:
Portrait of Frances EndfieldFrances Endfield
Tess (uncredited)
Frances Endfield was:
Portrait of Danny FisherDanny Fisher
Minor Role (uncredited)
Danny Fisher was:
Portrait of Tom HawthorneTom Hawthorne
Minor Role (uncredited)
Tom Hawthorne was:
Portrait of Sandee MarriottSandee Marriott
Minor Role (uncredited)
Sandee Marriott was:
Portrait of John MarshallJohn Marshall
Bartender (uncredited)
John Marshall was:
Portrait of David PostDavid Post
Mike Fancher (uncredited)
David Post was:
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