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Poster of The Adventurous Blonde

The Adventurous Blonde

Release Date: Saturday, November 13 1937 (85 years ago)
Portrait of Glenda FarrellGlenda Farrell
Torchy Blane
Glenda Farrell was:
Portrait of Barton MacLaneBarton MacLane
Det. Lt. Steve McBride
Barton MacLane was:
Portrait of Anne NagelAnne Nagel
Grace Brown
Anne Nagel was:
Portrait of Tom KennedyTom Kennedy
Detective Gahagan
Tom Kennedy was:
Portrait of George E. StoneGeorge E. Stone
Pete, a Reporter
George E. Stone was:
Portrait of Natalie MoorheadNatalie Moorhead
Theresa Gray
Natalie Moorhead was:
Portrait of William HopperWilliam Hopper
Matt, a Reporter
William Hopper was:
Portrait of Charley FoyCharley Foy
Dud, lead reporter
Charley Foy was:
Portrait of Anderson LawlerAnderson Lawler
Hugo Brand
Anderson Lawler was:
Portrait of Bobby WatsonBobby Watson
Mugsy, a reporter
Bobby Watson was:
Portrait of Charles C. WilsonCharles C. Wilson
Mortimer Gray
Charles C. Wilson was:
Portrait of Virginia BrissacVirginia Brissac
Helen Hammond (poses as "Aunt Jenny")
Virginia Brissac was:
Portrait of Leyland HodgsonLeyland Hodgson
Harvey Hammond
Leyland Hodgson was:
Portrait of Raymond HattonRaymond Hatton
Editor Maxie Monkhouse
Raymond Hatton was:
Portrait of Frank ShannonFrank Shannon
Captain McTavish
Frank Shannon was:
Portrait of Jimmy ConlinJimmy Conlin
Dr. Bolger, coroner
Jimmy Conlin was:
Portrait of Jeff YorkJeff York
Dr. Nally
Jeff York was:
Portrait of James AdamsonJames Adamson
Porter (uncredited)
James Adamson was:
Portrait of Daisy BuffordDaisy Bufford
Daisy, maid (uncredited)
Daisy Bufford was:
Portrait of Robert DarrellRobert Darrell
Clerk (uncredited)
Robert Darrell was:
Portrait of Dudley DickersonDudley Dickerson
Porter (uncredited)
Dudley Dickerson was:
Portrait of Jerry FletcherJerry Fletcher
Drugstore Clerk (uncredited)
Jerry Fletcher was:
Portrait of Melbourne FordMelbourne Ford
Delivery Boy (uncredited)
Melbourne Ford was:
Portrait of Eddie GrahamEddie Graham
Ambulance Attendant (uncredited)
Eddie Graham was:
Portrait of George GuhlGeorge Guhl
The Desk Sergeant (uncredited)
George Guhl was:
Portrait of Robert HainesRobert Haines
Plane Passenger (uncredited)
Robert Haines was:
Portrait of John HarronJohn Harron
Reynolds (uncredited)
John Harron was:
Portrait of Al HermanAl Herman
Bartender Herman (uncredited)
Al Herman was:
Portrait of Stuart HolmesStuart Holmes
Crowd Control Officer (uncredited)
Stuart Holmes was:
Portrait of Carole LandisCarole Landis
Bit Role (uncredited)
Carole Landis was:
Portrait of Jeni Le GonJeni Le Gon
Maid (uncredited)
Jeni Le Gon was:
Portrait of Howard M. MitchellHoward M. Mitchell
Bald Policeman (uncredited)
Howard M. Mitchell was:
Portrait of Frank O'ConnorFrank O'Connor
Policeman (uncredited)
Frank O'Connor was:
Portrait of Henry OthoHenry Otho
Officer Reilly (uncredited)
Henry Otho was:
Portrait of Willard ParkerWillard Parker
Clerk (uncredited)
Willard Parker was:
Portrait of Cliff SaumCliff Saum
Officer Clary (uncredited)
Cliff Saum was:
Portrait of Houseley StevensonHouseley Stevenson
Darell (uncredited)
Houseley Stevenson was:
Portrait of Brick SullivanBrick Sullivan
Milton (uncredited)
Brick Sullivan was:
Portrait of Rosella TowneRosella Towne
Hostess (uncredited)
Rosella Towne was:
Portrait of Lottie WilliamsLottie Williams
Onlooker in Crowd (uncredited)
Lottie Williams was:
Portrait of Tom WilsonTom Wilson
Onlooker in Crowd (uncredited)
Tom Wilson was:
Portrait of Jack WiseJack Wise
Joker in Bar (uncredited)
Jack Wise was:
Portrait of Walter YoungWalter Young
Lawyer (uncredited)
Walter Young was:
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