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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Smart Woman

Smart Woman

Release Date: Friday, April 30 1948 (74 years ago)
Portrait of Brian AherneBrian Aherne
Robert Larrimore
Brian Aherne was:
Portrait of Constance BennettConstance Bennett
Paula Rogers
Constance Bennett was:
Portrait of Barry SullivanBarry Sullivan
Frank McCoy
Barry Sullivan was:
Portrait of Michael O'SheaMichael O'Shea
Johnny Simons
Michael O'Shea was:
Portrait of James GleasonJames Gleason
Sam Corkle
James Gleason was:
Portrait of Otto KrugerOtto Kruger
D.A. Bradley Wayne
Otto Kruger was:
Portrait of Isobel ElsomIsobel Elsom
Mrs. Rogers
Isobel Elsom was:
Portrait of Selena RoyleSelena Royle
Mrs. Wayne
Selena Royle was:
Portrait of John LitelJohn Litel
John Litel was:
Portrait of Bess FlowersBess Flowers
Starlit Roof patron
Bess Flowers was:
Portrait of Iris AdrianIris Adrian
Newspaper Columnist
Iris Adrian was:
Portrait of Charles LaneCharles Lane
Charles Lane was:
Portrait of Taylor HolmesTaylor Holmes
Dr. Jasper
Taylor Holmes was:
Portrait of Gladys BlakeGladys Blake
Elsie, Larrimore's Secretary
Gladys Blake was:
Portrait of John EldredgeJohn Eldredge
Lester Flynn, Reporter
John Eldredge was:
Portrait of Houseley StevensonHouseley Stevenson
Joe Smith
Houseley Stevenson was:
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