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Poster of Crime Doctor

Crime Doctor

Release Date: Tuesday, June 22 1943 (79 years ago)
Portrait of Warner BaxterWarner Baxter
Dr. Robert J. Ordway / Phillip Morgan
Warner Baxter was:
Portrait of Margaret LindsayMargaret Lindsay
Grace Fielding
Margaret Lindsay was:
Portrait of John LitelJohn Litel
Emilio Caspari, the mystery man
John Litel was:
Portrait of Ray CollinsRay Collins
Dr. John Carey
Ray Collins was:
Portrait of Harold HuberHarold Huber
Joe Dylan
Harold Huber was:
Portrait of Don CostelloDon Costello
Nick Ferris / Jim Warren
Don Costello was:
Portrait of Leon AmesLeon Ames
William Wheeler
Leon Ames was:
Portrait of Phil ArnoldPhil Arnold
Third Reporter in Court
Phil Arnold was:
Portrait of Vi AthensVi Athens
Myrtle Perrin
Vi Athens was:
Portrait of Betty BlytheBetty Blythe
Mrs. Harrington (uncredited)
Betty Blythe was:
Portrait of Paul BryarPaul Bryar
First Reporter in Court
Paul Bryar was:
Portrait of Wallis ClarkWallis Clark
Wallis Clark was:
Portrait of Chester CluteChester Clute
Chester Clute was:
Portrait of Kernan CrippsKernan Cripps
Kernan Cripps was:
Portrait of Harold De BeckerHarold De Becker
Harold De Becker was:
Portrait of Franklyn FarnumFranklyn Farnum
Franklyn Farnum was:
Portrait of Edward FieldingEdward Fielding
Edward Fielding was:
Portrait of Bess FlowersBess Flowers
Patient in Ordway's Office
Bess Flowers was:
Portrait of Kit GuardKit Guard
Mac, Waiter at Frankie's Bar
Kit Guard was:
Portrait of Anne JeffreysAnne Jeffreys
Reporter on Telephone (uncredited)
Anne Jeffreys was:
Portrait of Charles JordanCharles Jordan
Reporter with Coffee
Charles Jordan was:
Portrait of Eddie KaneEddie Kane
Courtroom Well-wisher
Eddie Kane was:
Portrait of Donald KerrDonald Kerr
Second Reporter in Court
Donald Kerr was:
Portrait of Milton KibbeeMilton Kibbee
Man in Bar Booth
Milton Kibbee was:
Portrait of Reid KilpatrickReid Kilpatrick
Prison Broadcaster
Reid Kilpatrick was:
Portrait of Adele MaraAdele Mara
Adele Mara was:
Portrait of George McKayGeorge McKay
Murphy, Fingerprint Officer
George McKay was:
Portrait of Hans MoebusHans Moebus
Hans Moebus was:
Portrait of Monty O'GradyMonty O'Grady
Monty O'Grady was:
Portrait of Addison RichardsAddison Richards
Prison Warden
Addison Richards was:
Portrait of Dewey RobinsonDewey Robinson
Dewey Robinson was:
Portrait of Cosmo SardoCosmo Sardo
Cosmo Sardo was:
Portrait of Al SheanAl Shean
Dave, a Convict
Al Shean was:
Portrait of Houseley StevensonHouseley Stevenson
Martin, Parole Board
Houseley Stevenson was:
Portrait of Harry StrangHarry Strang
Dave, Trustee
Harry Strang was:
Portrait of Elliott SullivanElliott Sullivan
Detective with Hat
Elliott Sullivan was:
Portrait of Ray TealRay Teal
Detective with Pipe (uncredited)
Ray Teal was:
Portrait of Dorothy TreeDorothy Tree
Pearl Adams
Dorothy Tree was:
Portrait of Anthony WardeAnthony Warde
First Reporter in Court (uncredited)
Anthony Warde was:
Portrait of Constance WorthConstance Worth
Betty, Ordway's Nurse-Receptionist
Constance Worth was:
Portrait of Craig WoodsCraig Woods
Jim, a Convict
Craig Woods was:
Portrait of Broderick O'FarrellBroderick O'Farrell
Night Club Patron
Broderick O'Farrell was:
Portrait of Rose PlumerRose Plumer
Prison Inmate with Pearl
Rose Plumer was:
Portrait of Florence WixFlorence Wix
Patient in Ordway's Office
Florence Wix was:
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