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Poster of Bride of Vengeance

Bride of Vengeance

Release Date: Thursday, April 7 1949 (73 years ago)
Portrait of Paulette GoddardPaulette Goddard
Lucretia Borgia
Paulette Goddard was:
Portrait of John LundJohn Lund
Alfonso D'Este
John Lund was:
Portrait of Macdonald CareyMacdonald Carey
Cesare Borgia
Macdonald Carey was:
Portrait of Albert DekkerAlbert Dekker
Albert Dekker was:
Portrait of John SuttonJohn Sutton
Prince Bisceglie
John Sutton was:
Portrait of Raymond BurrRaymond Burr
Raymond Burr was:
Portrait of Donald RandolphDonald Randolph
Donald Randolph was:
Portrait of Charles DaytonCharles Dayton
Charles Dayton was:
Portrait of Anthony CarusoAnthony Caruso
Captain of the Guard
Anthony Caruso was:
Portrait of Dick FooteDick Foote
Negligent Sentry
Dick Foote was:
Portrait of William FarnumWilliam Farnum
Conti Peruzzi
William Farnum was:
Portrait of Kate Drain LawsonKate Drain Lawson
Kate Drain Lawson was:
Portrait of Nicholas JoyNicholas Joy
Nicholas Joy was:
Portrait of Fritz LeiberFritz Leiber
Fritz Leiber was:
Portrait of Rose HobartRose Hobart
Lady Eleanora
Rose Hobart was:
Portrait of Douglas SpencerDouglas Spencer
False Physician
Douglas Spencer was:
Portrait of Nestor PaivaNestor Paiva
Nestor Paiva was:
Portrait of Frank PugliaFrank Puglia
Frank Puglia was:
Portrait of Houseley StevensonHouseley Stevenson
Houseley Stevenson was:
Portrait of Robert GreigRobert Greig
Robert Greig was:
Portrait of Don BeddoeDon Beddoe
Don Beddoe was:
Portrait of Ian WolfeIan Wolfe
Councillor (uncredited)
Ian Wolfe was:
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