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Wide Open Faces

Wide Open Faces

Release Date: 1938-04-18 (83 years ago)
Joe E. Brown
Wilbur Meeks
Joe E. Brown was:
Jane Wyman
Betty Martin
Jane Wyman was:
Alison Skipworth
Auntie Martha
Alison Skipworth was:
Lyda Roberti
Kitty Fredericks
Lyda Roberti was:
Alan Baxter
Alan Baxter was:
Sidney Toler
Sidney Toler was:
Lucien Littlefield
Doc Williams
Lucien Littlefield was:
Berton Churchill
L.D. Crawford
Berton Churchill was:
Barbara Pepper
Barbara Pepper was:
Joe Downing
Joe Downing was:
Stanley Fields
Duke Temple
Stanley Fields was:
Garry Owen
Garry Owen was:
Dick Rich
Dick Rich was:
Walter Wills
Walter Wills was:
Dudley Dickerson
Shoe Shine Man
Dudley Dickerson was:
Lester Dorr
News Photographer
Lester Dorr was:
Sam Hayes
Radio Announcer
Sam Hayes was:
Al Hill
Al Hill was:
Elwyn Hoffman
Young Boy
Elwyn Hoffman was:
Junior Hughes
Young Boy
Junior Hughes was:
Joe E. Marks
Joe E. Marks was:
Robert McKenzie
Cafeteria Owner
Robert McKenzie was:
Bert Moorhouse
Bert Moorhouse was:
Horace Murphy
Schultz, Grocer
Horace Murphy was:
Jack Perry
Jack Perry was:
Charles Sullivan
Charles Sullivan was:
Dorothy Vernon
Hotel Guest
Dorothy Vernon was:
Duke York
Joe, a Gangster
Duke York was:
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