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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Union Pacific

Union Pacific

Release Date: 1939-05-05 (82 years ago)
Barbara Stanwyck
Mollie Monahan
Barbara Stanwyck was:
Joel McCrea
Jeff Butler
Joel McCrea was:
Akim Tamiroff
Akim Tamiroff was:
Robert Preston
Dick Allen
Robert Preston was:
Lynne Overman
Leach Overmile
Lynne Overman was:
Brian Donlevy
Sid Campeau
Brian Donlevy was:
Robert Barrat
Duke Ring
Robert Barrat was:
Anthony Quinn
Anthony Quinn was:
Stanley Ridges
Gen. Casement
Stanley Ridges was:
Henry Kolker
Asa M. Barrows
Henry Kolker was:
Francis McDonald
Gen. Dodge
Francis McDonald was:
Willard Robertson
Oakes Ames
Willard Robertson was:
Harold Goodwin
Harold Goodwin was:
Evelyn Keyes
Mrs. Calvin
Evelyn Keyes was:
Richard Lane
Sam Reed
Richard Lane was:
William Haade
Dusky Clayton
William Haade was:
Regis Toomey
Paddy O'Rourke
Regis Toomey was:
J. M. Kerrigan
J. M. Kerrigan was:
Fuzzy Knight
Fuzzy Knight was:
Harry Woods
Al Brett
Harry Woods was:
Lon Chaney Jr.
Lon Chaney Jr. was:
Joseph Crehan
Ulysses S. Grant
Joseph Crehan was:
Julia Faye
Julia Faye was:
Sheila Darcy
Sheila Darcy was:
Ernie Adams
Gen. Philip Sheridan (uncredited)
Ernie Adams was:
Stanley Andrews
Dr. Harkness (uncredited)
Stanley Andrews was:
Richard Alexander
Card Player (uncredited)
Richard Alexander was:
George Anderson
Railwayman (uncredited)
George Anderson was:
Sam Ash
Railwayman (uncredited)
Sam Ash was:
Earl Askam
Bluett (uncredited)
Earl Askam was:
Harry A. Bailey
Senator (uncredited)
Harry A. Bailey was:
May Beatty
Mrs. Hogan (uncredited)
May Beatty was:
Don Beddoe
Reporter (uncredited)
Don Beddoe was:
Genevieve Bell
Kate (uncredited)
Genevieve Bell was:
Monte Blue
Indian (uncredited)
Monte Blue was:
Ward Bond
Tracklayer (uncredited)
Ward Bond was:
Dick Botiller
Indian with Accordion (uncredited)
Dick Botiller was:
Ed Brady
Bartender (uncredited)
Ed Brady was:
Tom Burke
Laborer (uncredited)
Tom Burke was:
George Burton
Laborer (uncredited)
George Burton was:
A.S. Byron
Old Irishman (uncredited)
A.S. Byron was:
E.H. Calvert
Major (uncredited)
E.H. Calvert was:
Steve Carruthers
Telegrapher (uncredited)
Steve Carruthers was:
Nora Cecil
Snoring Woman on Train (uncredited)
Nora Cecil was:
Wheaton Chambers
Businessman (uncredited)
Wheaton Chambers was:
Lane Chandler
Train Conductor (uncredited)
Lane Chandler was:
Jack Chapin
Fireman (uncredited)
Jack Chapin was:
Sonny Chorre
Indian (uncredited)
Sonny Chorre was:
Davison Clark
Doctor (uncredited)
Davison Clark was:
Jack Rube Clifford
Bartender (uncredited)
Jack Rube Clifford was:
David Clyde
Irishman (uncredited)
David Clyde was:
Iron Eyes Cody
Indian (uncredited)
Iron Eyes Cody was:
Allen Connor
Laborer (uncredited)
Allen Connor was:
Hal Craig
Cassidy (uncredited)
Hal Craig was:
Sidney D'Albrook
Man (uncredited)
Sidney D'Albrook was:
Max Davidson
Card Player (uncredited)
Max Davidson was:
Alfonso De Cruz
Draftsman (uncredited)
Alfonso De Cruz was:
Victor De Linsky
Card Player (uncredited)
Victor De Linsky was:
Richard Denning
Reporter (uncredited)
Richard Denning was:
Mike Driscoll
Denny (uncredited)
Mike Driscoll was:
Tex Driscoll
Man (uncredited)
Tex Driscoll was:
Peter Du Rey
Reporter (uncredited)
Peter Du Rey was:
Jimmie Dundee
Laborer (uncredited)
Jimmie Dundee was:
Paul Everton
Rev. Dr. Todd (uncredited)
Paul Everton was:
Jim Farley
Laborer-Grader (uncredited)
Jim Farley was:
Martin Faust
Railwayman (uncredited)
Martin Faust was:
Maude Fealy
Woman (uncredited)
Maude Fealy was:
John Fee
Man (uncredited)
John Fee was:
Eddie Fetherston
Reporter (uncredited)
Eddie Fetherston was:
James Flavin
Paddy (uncredited)
James Flavin was:
Byron Foulger
Andrew Whipple (uncredited)
Byron Foulger was:
J. C. Fowler
Official (uncredited)
J. C. Fowler was:
George B. French
Senator (uncredited)
George B. French was:
Will Geer
Foreman (uncredited)
Will Geer was:
Kenneth Gibson
Card Player (uncredited)
Kenneth Gibson was:
Joe Gilbert
Telegrapher (uncredited)
Joe Gilbert was:
William Gillis
William Gillis was:
Wesley Giraud
Boy (uncredited)
Wesley Giraud was:
Gus Glassmire
Gov. Stafford (uncredited)
Gus Glassmire was:
Dick Gordon
Reporter (uncredited)
Dick Gordon was:
Douglas Gordon
Irishman (uncredited)
Douglas Gordon was:
Wylie Grant
Savage (uncredited)
Wylie Grant was:
George Guhl
Irishman (uncredited)
George Guhl was:
Chuck Hamilton
Card Player (uncredited)
Chuck Hamilton was:
John Harmon
One-Armed Reporter (uncredited)
John Harmon was:
Pat Hartigan
Irishman (uncredited)
Pat Hartigan was:
Beth Hartman
Belle (uncredited)
Beth Hartman was:
Edward Hearn
Sergeant (uncredited)
Edward Hearn was:
Oscar 'Dutch' Hendrian
Irishman at Bar (uncredited)
Oscar 'Dutch' Hendrian was:
Russell Hicks
Sergeant (uncredited)
Russell Hicks was:
Leon Holmes
Vendor (uncredited)
Leon Holmes was:
Robert Homans
Man (uncredited)
Robert Homans was:
Mitchell Ingraham
Official (uncredited)
Mitchell Ingraham was:
T.C. Jack
Irishman (uncredited)
T.C. Jack was:
Selmer Jackson
Jerome (uncredited)
Selmer Jackson was:
Si Jenks
Old Prospector (uncredited)
Si Jenks was:
Noble Johnson
Native American Shooting Piano (uncredited)
Noble Johnson was:
Jack W. Johnston
Man (uncredited)
Jack W. Johnston was:
Edward Keane
Man (uncredited)
Edward Keane was:
Jane Keckley
Official's Wife (uncredited)
Jane Keckley was:
Jim Kelso
Railwayman (uncredited)
Jim Kelso was:
Jack Kennedy
Man (uncredited)
Jack Kennedy was:
Bob Kortman
Gentleman at Golden Spike Ceremony (uncredited)
Bob Kortman was:
Frank Lackteen
Indian (uncredited)
Frank Lackteen was:
Ethan Laidlaw
Irishman (uncredited)
Ethan Laidlaw was:
Florence Lake
Woman (uncredited)
Florence Lake was:
Bobby LaSalle
Fanny (uncredited)
Bobby LaSalle was:
Alexander Leftwich
Official (uncredited)
Alexander Leftwich was:
Edward LeSaint
Fr. Ryan (uncredited)
Edward LeSaint was:
Elmo Lincoln
Card Player (uncredited)
Elmo Lincoln was:
Walter Long
Irishman (uncredited)
Walter Long was:
Viola Louie
Lil (uncredited)
Viola Louie was:
Evelyn Luckey
Lulu (uncredited)
Evelyn Luckey was:
Evelyn Luckey
Lulu (uncredited)
Evelyn Luckey was:
Hugh MacDonald
Gambler (uncredited)
Hugh MacDonald was:
Wilbur Mack
Jake (uncredited)
Wilbur Mack was:
Mary MacLaren
Official's Wife (uncredited)
Mary MacLaren was:
George Magrill
Surveyor (uncredited)
George Magrill was:
Tom Mahoney
Irishman (uncredited)
Tom Mahoney was:
Indian Finding Cigar Store Indian (uncredited)
Mala was:
John Marston
Durant (uncredited)
John Marston was:
Ida May
Goldie (uncredited)
Ida May was:
Charles McAvoy
Railwayman (uncredited)
Charles McAvoy was:
Sam McDaniel
St. Louis Waiter (uncredited)
Sam McDaniel was:
Charles McMurphy
Irishman (uncredited)
Charles McMurphy was:
James McNamara
Mr. Mills (uncredited)
James McNamara was:
John Merton
Laborer (uncredited)
John Merton was:
Ray Miller
Laborer (uncredited)
Ray Miller was:
Frank Mills
Irishman (uncredited)
Frank Mills was:
Pat Moriarity
Mike (uncredited)
Pat Moriarity was:
Adrian Morris
Railwayman (uncredited)
Adrian Morris was:
Horace Murphy
Irishman (uncredited)
Horace Murphy was:
Jack Murphy
Terry (uncredited)
Jack Murphy was:
Louis Natheaux
Card Player (uncredited)
Louis Natheaux was:
David Newell
Reporter (uncredited)
David Newell was:
Nestor Paiva
Canadian Pacific Conductor (uncredited)
Nestor Paiva was:
Emory Parnell
Foreman (uncredited)
Emory Parnell was:
Doreen Pastor
Ruby (uncredited)
Doreen Pastor was:
William Pawley
Dinty (uncredited)
William Pawley was:
Edward Peil Sr.
Laborer (uncredited)
Edward Peil Sr. was:
Jack Pennick
Harmonicist (uncredited)
Jack Pennick was:
Albert Petit
Watercolorist (uncredited)
Albert Petit was:
James Pierce
Card Player (uncredited)
James Pierce was:
Russ Powell
Vendor (uncredited)
Russ Powell was:
John Power
Irishman (uncredited)
John Power was:
Hal Price
Surveyor (uncredited)
Hal Price was:
Frances Rather
Official's Daughter (uncredited)
Frances Rather was:
George Regas
Indian Hearing Mollie's Telegraphy (uncredited)
George Regas was:
John J. Richardson
Official (uncredited)
John J. Richardson was:
Cyril Ring
Surveyor (uncredited)
Cyril Ring was:
Margaret Roach
Violet (uncredited)
Margaret Roach was:
Richard Robles
Indian Chief (uncredited)
Richard Robles was:
Buddy Roosevelt
Fireman (uncredited)
Buddy Roosevelt was:
Dick Rush
Irishman (uncredited)
Dick Rush was:
Joe Sawyer
Shamus (uncredited)
Joe Sawyer was:
Francis Sayles
Railwayman (uncredited)
Francis Sayles was:
Syd Saylor
Barker (uncredited)
Syd Saylor was:
Ed Schaefer
Irishman (uncredited)
Ed Schaefer was:
Ynez Seabury
Shrimp (uncredited)
Ynez Seabury was:
Frank Shannon
Old Man (uncredited)
Frank Shannon was:
Michael Slade
Irishman (uncredited)
Michael Slade was:
Lew Short
Laborer (uncredited)
Lew Short was:
James P. Spencer
Indian (uncredited)
James P. Spencer was:
Edwin Stanley
Businessman at Financiers' Meeting
Edwin Stanley was:
Robert R. Stephenson
Irishman (uncredited)
Robert R. Stephenson was:
Bert Stevens
Man (uncredited)
Bert Stevens was:
Charles Stevens
Indian Shooting Mollie (uncredited)
Charles Stevens was:
Mark Strong
Connors (uncredited)
Mark Strong was:
John M. Sullivan
Man (uncredited)
John M. Sullivan was:
Albert Taylor
Irishman (uncredited)
Albert Taylor was:
Nick Thompson
Indian (uncredited)
Nick Thompson was:
Chief Thundercloud
Indian (uncredited)
Chief Thundercloud was:
David Thursby
Irishman (uncredited)
David Thursby was:
Archie Twitchell
Secretary (uncredited)
Archie Twitchell was:
Tony Urchel
Indian (uncredited)
Tony Urchel was:
Guy Usher
Leland Stanford
Guy Usher was:
Morgan Wallace
Sen. Smith
Morgan Wallace was:
Calla Waltz
Maggie (uncredited)
Calla Waltz was:
Ruth Warren
Mrs. Cassidy (uncredited)
Ruth Warren was:
Stanhope Wheatcroft
Secretary (uncredited)
Stanhope Wheatcroft was:
Blackie Whiteford
Irishman on Dance Floor (uncredited)
Blackie Whiteford was:
Greg Whitespear
Indian (uncredited)
Greg Whitespear was:
William Worthington
Oliver Ames (uncredited)
William Worthington was:
Frank Yaconelli
Saloon Gambler (uncredited)
Frank Yaconelli was:
Duke York
Railwayman (uncredited)
Duke York was:
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