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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Oregon Trail

The Oregon Trail

Release Date: 1939-07-04 (82 years ago)
Johnny Mack Brown
Jeff Scott
Johnny Mack Brown was:
Louise Stanley
Margaret Mason
Louise Stanley was:
Fuzzy Knight
Deadwood Hawkins
Fuzzy Knight was:
Bill Cody Jr.
Jimmie Clark
Bill Cody Jr. was:
Edward LeSaint
John Mason
Edward LeSaint was:
James Blaine
Sam Morgan
James Blaine was:
Charles Stevens
Charles Stevens was:
Jack C. Smith
Bull Bragg
Jack C. Smith was:
Roy Barcroft
Colonel Custer
Roy Barcroft was:
Charles Murphy
Charles Murphy was:
Colin Kenny
Slade - Morgan Henchman
Colin Kenny was:
Forrest Taylor
Daggett - Morgan Henchman
Forrest Taylor was:
Charles King
Dirk - Morgan Henchman
Charles King was:
Jim Toney
Idaho Ike
Jim Toney was:
Hank Bell
Clear Water Barfly
Hank Bell was:
Chief John Big Tree
Spotted Elk
Chief John Big Tree was:
Dick Botiller
Yellow Snake
Dick Botiller was:
Ed Brady
Ed Brady was:
Horace B. Carpenter
Pioneer at Wagon Train Camp
Horace B. Carpenter was:
Lane Chandler
Corporal in Sherman's Office
Lane Chandler was:
Iron Eyes Cody
Crow Foot
Iron Eyes Cody was:
Gomer Cool
Wagon Train Musician
Gomer Cool was:
Jim Corey
Pioneer at Wagon Train Camp
Jim Corey was:
Robert 'Captain Bob' Crawford
Wagon Train Musician
Robert 'Captain Bob' Crawford was:
Edward 'Tookie' Cronenbold
Wagon Train Musician
Edward 'Tookie' Cronenbold was:
Frank Ellis
Clear Water Blacksmith
Frank Ellis was:
Helen Gibson
Wagon Train Pioneer
Helen Gibson was:
Karl Hackett
Karl Hackett was:
Chick Hannan
Chick Hannan was:
Kenneth Harlan
General Terry
Kenneth Harlan was:
George Hazel
Squirrel Tooth
George Hazel was:
Bob Kortman
Bob Kortman was:
Frank LaRue
Luke Shaver
Frank LaRue was:
Tom London
Pete Cave Henchman
Tom London was:
Johnny Luther
Paradise Valley Henchman
Johnny Luther was:
Cactus Mack
Cactus Mack was:
Francis 'Irish' Mahaney
Wagon Train Musician
Francis 'Irish' Mahaney was:
Chief Many Treaties
Red Fox
Chief Many Treaties was:
Roderic 'Dave' May
Wagon Train Musician
Roderic 'Dave' May was:
Bud McClure
Bud McClure was:
Lafe McKee
Settler (archive footage)
Lafe McKee was:
Horace Murphy
Irate Agitaiting Townsman
Horace Murphy was:
George Plues
Settler & Stage Driver
George Plues was:
Warner Richmond
General Sherman
Warner Richmond was:
Matty Roubert
Paradise Valley Henchman
Matty Roubert was:
Dick Rush
Clear Water Marshal
Dick Rush was:
Tom Smith
Settler (uncredited)
Tom Smith was:
Tom Steele
Tom Steele was:
Harry Tenbrook
Harry Tenbrook was:
Blackjack Ward
Blackjack Ward was:
Bill Wolfe
Bill Wolfe was:
Tex Young
Tex Young was:
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