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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Oklahoma Kid

The Oklahoma Kid

Release Date: 1939-03-11 (82 years ago)
James Cagney
Jim Kincaid
James Cagney was:
Humphrey Bogart
Whip McCord
Humphrey Bogart was:
Rosemary Lane
Jane Hardwick
Rosemary Lane was:
Donald Crisp
Judge Hardwick
Donald Crisp was:
Harvey Stephens
Ned Kincaid
Harvey Stephens was:
Hugh Sothern
John Kincaid
Hugh Sothern was:
Charles Middleton
Alec Martin
Charles Middleton was:
Edward Pawley
Edward Pawley was:
Ward Bond
Wes Handley
Ward Bond was:
Lew Harvey
Lew Harvey was:
Trevor Bardette
Indian Jack Pasco
Trevor Bardette was:
John Miljan
John Miljan was:
Arthur Aylesworth
Judge Morgan
Arthur Aylesworth was:
Irving Bacon
Hotel Clerk
Irving Bacon was:
Joe Devlin
Joe Devlin was:
Wade Boteler
Wade Boteler was:
Gene Alsace
McCord Henchman
Gene Alsace was:
Earl Askam
Joe - Train Mail Clerk
Earl Askam was:
Don Barclay
Don Barclay was:
Clem Bevans
Clem Bevans was:
Ed Brady
Jury Foreman
Ed Brady was:
Al Bridge
Would-Be Settler
Al Bridge was:
Glen Cavender
Would-Be Settler
Glen Cavender was:
Tom Chatterton
Tom Chatterton was:
George Chesebro
George Chesebro was:
Tex Cooper
Old Man in Bar
Tex Cooper was:
Earl Dwire
Relay Station Man
Earl Dwire was:
Rosina Galli
Rosina Galli was:
Sam Garrett
Rider / Roper
Sam Garrett was:
Kit Guard
Juror #8
Kit Guard was:
John Harron
President Cleveland's Secretary
John Harron was:
Herbert Heywood
Herbert Heywood was:
Stuart Holmes
President Grover Cleveland
Stuart Holmes was:
Robert Homans
Robert Homans was:
Al J. Jennings
Al J. Jennings was:
Soledad Jiménez
Jane's Servant
Soledad Jiménez was:
Bob Kortman
Juror #9
Bob Kortman was:
George Lloyd
Bartender in Missouri
George Lloyd was:
Jim Mason
Man in Hotel
Jim Mason was:
Ray Mayer
Piano Player
Ray Mayer was:
Frank Mayo
Land Agent
Frank Mayo was:
Jack Mower
Mail Clerk on Train
Jack Mower was:
Horace Murphy
Horace Murphy was:
Harry Myers
Harry Myers was:
Tex Phelps
Would-Be Settler
Tex Phelps was:
George Regas
George Regas was:
John J. Richardson
Would-Be Settler
John J. Richardson was:
Joe Rickson
Joe Rickson was:
Cliff Saum
Would-Be Settler
Cliff Saum was:
Jeffrey Sayre
'Times' Reporter
Jeffrey Sayre was:
Elliott Sullivan
McCord's Henchman
Elliott Sullivan was:
Harry Tenbrook
Juror #4
Harry Tenbrook was:
Jack Tornek
Would-Be Settler
Jack Tornek was:
Blackie Whiteford
Blackie Whiteford was:
Dan Wolheim
Dan Wolheim was:
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