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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Starlight Over Texas

Starlight Over Texas

Release Date: 1938-09-06 (83 years ago)
Tex Ritter
Tex Newman
Tex Ritter was:
Salvatore Damino
Ramon Ruiz
Salvatore Damino was:
Carmen Laroux
Rosita Ruiz
Carmen Laroux was:
Rosa Turich
Rosa Turich was:
Horace Murphy
Horace Murphy was:
'Snub' Pollard
Pee Wee
'Snub' Pollard was:
Karl Hackett
Karl Hackett was:
Charles King
Henchman Hank Boston
Charles King was:
Martín Garralaga
Captain Gomez
Martín Garralaga was:
George Chesebro
Ashley Hill
George Chesebro was:
Carlos Villarías
Governor Ruiz
Carlos Villarías was:
Ed Cassidy
Captain Brooks
Ed Cassidy was:
Victor Adamson
Dynamite Henchman
Victor Adamson was:
A.J. Brier
Member, The Northwesterners
A.J. Brier was:
Catherine Capuano
Catherine Capuano was:
Horace B. Carpenter
Horace B. Carpenter was:
Martin Cazares
Martin Cazares was:
Eduardo Chavez
Eduardo Chavez was:
Chuck Davis
Member, The Northwesterners
Chuck Davis was:
Phil Dunham
Drummer Thrown Out of Saloon
Phil Dunham was:
Oscar Gahan
Oscar Gahan was:
Jerry Gomez
Mexican Officer
Jerry Gomez was:
Chick Hannan
Chick Hannan was:
Jesus Nava
Jesus Nava was:
Dave O'Brien
Dave O'Brien was:
Fox O'Callahan
Fox O'Callahan was:
Tex Palmer
Tex Palmer was:
Sterlita Peluffo
Sterlita Peluffo was:
Buck Rasch
Member, The Northwesterners
Buck Rasch was:
Merle Scobee
Member, The Northwesterners
Merle Scobee was:
Ray Scobee
Member, The Northwesterners
Ray Scobee was:
James Sheridan
Hill's Partner
James Sheridan was:
Harry Strang
Deputy Marshal Tom Carr
Harry Strang was:
Bob Terry
Henchman Farrell
Bob Terry was:
Fred Velasco
Fred Velasco was:
Wally West
Cantina Gunman
Wally West was:
Carmen Álvarez
Carmen Álvarez was:
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