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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Cowboys from Texas

Cowboys from Texas

Release Date: 1939-11-29 (81 years ago)
Robert Livingston
Stony Brooke
Robert Livingston was:
Raymond Hatton
Rusty Joslin
Raymond Hatton was:
Duncan Renaldo
Rico Rinaldo
Duncan Renaldo was:
Carole Landis
June Jones
Carole Landis was:
Charles Middleton
Kansas Jones
Charles Middleton was:
Betty Compson
Belle Starkey
Betty Compson was:
Ivan Miller
Clay Allison
Ivan Miller was:
Ethan Laidlaw
Duke Plummer
Ethan Laidlaw was:
Yakima Canutt
Tex Dawson
Yakima Canutt was:
Walter Wills
Jeff Morgan
Walter Wills was:
Ed Cassidy
Jed Tyler
Ed Cassidy was:
Helen Gibson
Helen Gibson was:
Al Haskell
Al Haskell was:
Charles King
Cattleman Beau
Charles King was:
Jack Kirk
Stage Guard
Jack Kirk was:
Murdock MacQuarrie
Murdock MacQuarrie was:
Harry McKim
Tim Jones
Harry McKim was:
Lew Meehan
Lew Meehan was:
Jack Montgomery
Jack Montgomery was:
Horace Murphy
Constable Dan
Horace Murphy was:
Forbes Murray
Texas Governor
Forbes Murray was:
Bill Nestell
Bill Nestell was:
Jack O'Shea
Jack O'Shea was:
Bud Osborne
Stage Hijacking Leader
Bud Osborne was:
Theodore Roosevelt
President Theodore Roosevelt (archive footage)
Theodore Roosevelt was:
David Sharpe
Money Courier
David Sharpe was:
Harry Strang
Leader of Settlers
Harry Strang was:
Joe Yrigoyen
Stage Driver
Joe Yrigoyen was:
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