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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Showdown of Men 2

Showdown of Men 2

Release Date: Friday, March 10 1967 (55 years ago)
Portrait of Hideo MurataHideo Murata
Hideo Murata was:
Portrait of Shigeru AmachiShigeru Amachi
Shigeru Amachi was:
Portrait of Saburô KitajimaSaburô Kitajima
Saburô Kitajima was:
Portrait of Bin AmatsuBin Amatsu
Bin Amatsu was:
Portrait of Sumiko FujiSumiko Fuji
Sumiko Fuji was:
Portrait of Hiroshi NawaHiroshi Nawa
Hiroshi Nawa was:
Portrait of Shoji NakayamaShoji Nakayama
Shoji Nakayama was:
Portrait of Masao HoriMasao Hori
Masao Hori was:
Portrait of Ushio AkashiUshio Akashi
Ushio Akashi was:
Portrait of Kayako SonoKayako Sono
Kayako Sono was:
Portrait of Keiko NishiokaKeiko Nishioka
Keiko Nishioka was:
Portrait of Tatsuo EndōTatsuo Endō
Tatsuo Endō was:
Portrait of Kenji KusumotoKenji Kusumoto
Kenji Kusumoto was:
Portrait of Yoshiki OyamadaYoshiki Oyamada
Yoshiki Oyamada was:
Portrait of Kuniomi KitaniKuniomi Kitani
Kuniomi Kitani was:
Portrait of Kyôichi SatôKyôichi Satô
Kyôichi Satô was:
Portrait of Ryôta MinowadaRyôta Minowada
Ryôta Minowada was:
Portrait of Hajime NagoyaHajime Nagoya
Hajime Nagoya was:
Portrait of Isao TakanamiIsao Takanami
Isao Takanami was:
Portrait of Sen OkamichiSen Okamichi
Sen Okamichi was:
Portrait of Akira HirasawaAkira Hirasawa
Akira Hirasawa was:
Portrait of Gorô NaniwaGorô Naniwa
Gorô Naniwa was:
Portrait of Kyônosuke MuraiKyônosuke Murai
Kyônosuke Murai was:
Portrait of Kojirô KawanamiKojirô Kawanami
Kojirô Kawanami was:
Portrait of Masaya WadaMasaya Wada
Masaya Wada was:
Portrait of Mineko MaruhiraMineko Maruhira
Mineko Maruhira was:
Portrait of Daizen ShishidoDaizen Shishido
Daizen Shishido was:
Portrait of Takashi NoguchiTakashi Noguchi
Takashi Noguchi was:
Portrait of Koji TsurutaKoji Tsuruta
Koji Tsuruta was:
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